Jomtien Market is relatively small. The market only has a few clothing stalls and bars. However, Jomtien is famous for its fragrant seafood dishes because it is located right next to the seashore. Jomtien is located in the south of Pattaya city. This area is famous for countless restaurants and cafes situated nearby the sea. This perfect location is extremely suitable for those seeking for a romantic date, a perfect honeymoon or a warm family reunion. The price of seafood at the night market is quite reasonable compared to the city’s center. The market is quite easily recognized by the spot-on sign at the entrance. Walking further inside, tourists will be attracted by the stalls selling clothing, accessories and souvenirs stuffs.

Just like any other markets in Thailand, tourists can feel free to bargain to get your favorite item at the best price. Clothes are also sold at wholesale price too. Therefore, it would be great if you travel in groups or buy in large quantities. Again, the price is very ideal compared with other night markets in Pattaya. After getting your favorite things, it’s time to explore the amazing food tour, a prominent feature of the night market. Tourists can find almost every signature Thai dish here at the market, from Tomyum, Pad Thai, hot pot, to desserts such as coconut ice cream, fresh fruit juice or mango sticky rice. Since the market is located right next to the beach, the seafood served here is extremely fresh and worth trying out.

Jomtien night market is located in the South, one hill from the center of Pattaya. To reach Jomtien beach night market, tourists can either take bus or taxi. From the center of Pattaya city, it will only take about 15 minutes to arrive at the destination. The traveling fee ranges from 10 to 20 baht. If tourists choose to travel by taxi, remember to bargain otherwise you might have to pay for a pretty high price in a short distance travel.

If tourists wish to spend most nights hanging out or having fun at Jomtien beach night market, it is highly recommended to book a hotel room near this area for easier traveling. This is one of the quite luxurious beaches with the presence of two very famous resorts: Avalon Beach Resort and Rabbit Resort. In the morning, tourists can take part in many water sports such as windsurfing, boating, skateboarding, swimming, snorkeling and diving under the coral reefs. At night, it takes only few minutes to walk to the night market area. The market is open daily from 5pm until 11pm. The bars at Jomtien even welcome tourists till 3am.

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