Thepprasit road night market

Lively street market with tasty street food

A very lively and busy place, Thepprasit road night market is Pattaya’s largest night market opening every weekend. The market is an abundance of smells, sounds and colors.

Lively atmosphere and tasty street food

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it is worth going to for the atmosphere, the cheap and tasty street food and the delicious Thai sweets and deserts. It is a fun experience to walk around the countless stalls of the bustling market browsing the goods on display while sampling some of the local food specialties.

Wide range of products

Vendors at countless stalls sell a wide range of products like handbags, men’s and women’s clothing, fashion accessories, belts, shoes, watches, jewelry, toys, make up, nail paints, fragrances and DVD’s.

At the IT section you will find mainly MP3 players, mobile phones and mobile phone accessories as cables, chargers and phone cases.

Try your bargaining skills picking up souvenirs or gifts, like essential oils, handmade carved soap or other handicraft.

In between the shopping and browsing, try a relaxing foot massage.

Seafood, street food, Thai sweets and deserts

Plenty to eat and snack at Thepprasit road night market. A good variety of seafood and Thai street food is available at low prices from the food stalls.

Pattaya’s seaside location guarantees a steady supply of seafood like BBQ fish, squid, prawns and crab. Besides seafood, you can try dishes as roasted duck or pork with rice, chicken satay, curries or noodle soup. Ordering a small portion of several items is a good way to try several dishes.

Mango sticky rice or coconut ice cream

Make sure to try some delicious Thai deserts like mango sticky rice or coconut ice cream. Also for sale fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, snacks, sweets, curry puffs and cakes.
If you’re in for a little adventure, try some fried insects.

Located at Thepprasit Road

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