Take pleasure in a leisurely cruise on a catamaran ship travelling the Gulf of Thailand. Feel the cool ocean breeze on a smooth and comfy flight along Pattaya Bay and a few of the gorgeous tropical islands in the Gulf.

Take a daytime, sundown or night cruise on the “Siam Dragon”, a brand name brand-new catamaran ship. See gorgeous, tropical islands and the azure blue sea on a daytime cruise, see the red sun sink into the sea at sunset on the sundown supper cruise or delight in the view of Pattaya’s brightened horizon in the evening on the night celebration cruise.

There is lots of food and beverages aboard the ship in addition to home entertainment. Guests can sign up with the karaoke singing, dancing in swimwear or see an efficiency of the Dragoness ladyboy cabaret program.

Tropical islands & & beaches

The daytime cruises will take you to Pattaya Bay and even more out into the Gulf of Thailand. After leaving port you will have great views of Pattaya city and its 2 long beaches.

At the North end of Pattaya you will see the Sanctuary of Fact, a big wood structure right on the beach. Even more out in the Gulf the cruise liner will take you along a number of gorgeous tropical islands like Koh Larn, Koh Sak and Koh Phai.

Brand name brand-new catamaran ship

The Siam Dragon is a brand name brand-new celebration cruise liner introduced in 2017. The 30 meters long, 3 decks catamaran is geared up with 2 swimming platforms with showers, 3 bars and a dining deck where guests can delight in buffet. The upper deck has a DJ station and a dancing phase. Its big sun deck is fitted with sun roofings.


There is an option of 4 day-to-day cruises; 2 daytime cruises, a supper cruise and a night celebration cruise.

Early morning and afternoon cruise

Both daytime cruises leave from Bali Hai pier at the South end of Pattaya city. The cruise liner heads North where you will have great views of Pattaya city and Pattaya Bay. A little additional up North you will see the enormous all wood Sanctuary of Fact right on the beach.

The Siam Dragon then heads South West towards Koh Larn, likewise referred to as Coral Island and neighboring little islands Koh Sak and Koh Khrok. The ship then heads additional West into the Gulf of Thailand to Koh Phai, likewise referred to as Bamboo Island. Then the ship reverses back to Pattaya Bali Hai pier.

The cruise consists of Thai buffet, non-carbonated beverages, tea and coffee. Other beverages are for sale at the ship’s 3 bars. Guests can see the Dragoness Cabaret Program or participate in singing karaoke or dancing in swimwear.

The early morning cruise leaves at 9 am and returns 12:30 pm, the afternoon cruise leaves at 1:30 pm and go back to Bali Hai pier at 5 pm.

Sundown supper cruise

Take pleasure in the night ocean breeze and see the sun set into the sea on the sundown supper cruise around Pattaya Bay. Food and drinks consist of Thai buffet, non-carbonated beverages, tea and coffee. Restaurants can see an efficiency of the Dragoness Cabaret Program and participate in karaoke singing.
The Siam Dragon leaves port at 6 pm and returns at 7.30 pm.

Night celebration cruise

See the brilliant lights of Pattaya’s horizon by night on the night celebration cruise around Pattaya Bay. Snacks, beer, tea and coffee are consisted of in the cruise. Other beverages can be purchased among the ships 3 bars. Guests can attempt their luck at karaoke sining, dancing in swimwear or see the Dragoness Cabaret Program.
The cruise leaves at 8 pm and go back to Bali Hai pier at 11 pm.

Dragoness Cabaret Program

Something Pattaya is well-known for is its ladyboys cabaret programs. On board the Siam Dragon you can see an efficiency of the Dragoness Cabaret Program, a vibrant program with twelve dancers and vocalists.

Food & & beverages

On the early morning, afternoon and night supper cruise guests can delight in a buffet with an option of numerous Thai meals and fresh fruits. The big dining deck seats 200 individuals. Barbeque is offered on demand. Water, tea and coffee are offered totally free of charge. Sodas and other beverages are for sale at the ships 3 bars. At routine periods treats like spring rolls, chicken legs and French french fries are acted as well as fresh regional fruits.

Departure pier

All cruises leave from and get here back at pier E of the Bali Hai Port, simply South of Pattaya city. Please come to the pier 15 minutes prior to boarding.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Automobile

Cruise prices

Siam Cruises charges the following prices.

Morning cruise

Adult: 950 Baht
Child: 700 Baht
Toddler: 250 Baht

Afternoon cruise

Adult: 950 Baht
Child: 700 Baht
Toddler: 250 Baht

Sunset dinner cruise

Adult: 850 Baht
Child: 650 Baht
Toddler: 200 Baht

Night party cruise

Adult: 750 Baht
Child: 550 Baht
Toddler: 200 Baht

Child rate: age 2 – 12
Toddler rate: under 2 years old

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