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An igloo and a couple of penguins at the Ice Dome, Frost Magical Ice of Siam .
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Frost Wonderful Ice of Siam in Pattaya uses the chance to experience the cold of the Arctic in a tropical nation. Temperature levels in the Ice Dome are a cooling -10 degrees Celsius, while at the outdoors area temperature levels are some 40 degrees greater.

Siam Paradise, the Ice Dome

The inside area called Siam Paradise or Ice Dome seems like the Arctic with its listed below absolutely no temperature levels and ice sculptures of polar bears, penguins and an igloo, a snow home of the Inuit individuals residing in the Arctic. In -10 degrees Celsius temperature levels you will likewise discover some common Thai products, like an ice shaped tuk-tuk.

The continuously altering light colors offer the Ice Dome additional environment. Take enjoyable pictures being in an ice tuk-tuk or igloo, posturing with a snowman or moving below an ice slide. Take care strolling on the slippery ice. Get your complementary soda served in an ice glass at the ice bar.

Come ready and gown for the cold. Use long trousers, great shoes and socks. A rental warm winter season coat is provided at the entryway.

After the arctic temperature levels of the Ice Dome, heat up with some hot coffee or tea in the dining establishment.

. . .Sliding down an icy slide at Frost Magical Ice of Siam .

Moving down the ice slide

The outdoors location, Himmapan forest

At the outdoors location you will discover big sand sculptures, all in white, so it appears like they are covered in snow. After dark spotlights light up the sculptures.

The location called Himmapan is called after the famous Himmapan forest. In Buddhist and Hindu folklore the forest surrounds Mount Meru, the center of deep space. The forest is occupied by numerous mythological animals, trees and plants.

Mythological animals

The animals that live there have qualities of numerous animals integrated in them, such as a horse with the head of a bird and a fish with the head of an elephant. A few of the mythological animals you will discover are a set of flying elephants referred to as Karin Puksa and a Winged Ghilen, a dragon like animal with wings and claw feet.

The fruits of the Nariphon tree growing in the forest are formed like girls. Other sculptings portray characters from Thai folklore and from the Ramayana, a well-known Thai legendary.

A plaque at each of the sculptures details info in English and Thai about the animals.

. . .Sculpting of a mythological creature .

Sculpting of a mythological animal


Frost Wonderful Ice of Siam is discovered beside Pattaya sheep farm off roadway 36 near the crossway with the Chonburi – Pattaya highway (highway 7) in Nong Pla Lai sub district, Bang Lamung district. The range from main Pattaya has to do with 15 kilometers.

How to arrive

The simplest and most comfy method to arrive is by chartered songthaew or taxi. Settle on rate and period prior to leaving. Ensure to organize a big salami transfer, as it is really difficult to discover a taxi in the location.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Automobile

Opening hours

Opening hours are daily from 9 am till 9 pm.
On weekends and Thai Legal holiday the location can get hectic.

Entryway charges

Stroll in ticket costs charged at Frost Wonderful Ice of Siam are:

Kid rate: Height 90 – 140 cm
Young Child: Height under 90 cm

Rates consist of a leased warm winter season coat and a soda in an ice glass served at the bar in the Ice Dome.
Warm shoes and gloves are for lease at an extra cost.

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