Silverlake is a big vineyard situated in the countryside South East of Pattaya. A number of grape ranges are grown from which white, red and rosé white wines are produced. A romantic location with a tranquil environment, the winery is a good location to invest a couple of peaceful hours and have lunch while delighting in the views of the rural, uneven location South East of Pattaya.

Italian design structures

With its Italian design structures, water fountain, traditional statues, windmill and vibrant flower gardens, Silverlake advises of the Italian countryside.

Visitors can explore the vineyard in an electrical cable car, attempt a few of the white wines, have lunch or simply delight in the peaceful environment and views of the vineyard versus a background of woody hills, a big lake and the 130 meter high golden Buddha picture of Buddha Mountain.

Visitors who wish to invest more time in the vineyard can remain over night in among the homes of The Cinema.

Trip of the vineyard

As the farm is rather big and it can fume, visitors can pick to explore the vineyard in an electrical cable car. Stops are made at the windmill and flower gardens, a few of the greenhouses, The Cinema, the grape juice plant and the winery. At each stop there is time to make images and take a look around the natural appeal of Silverlake.

At the plant you can get an impression of the white wine making procedure and see the white wine making center with the fermentation tanks, bottling devices and some large oak barrels where the white wine is saved. Likewise get your bottle of grape juice or 2 glasses of white wine that are consisted of with the trip here.

The trip takes about 30 to 45 minutes. There are no set times to take the trip, the cable car will leave as quickly as you show up.

The white wines

Silverlake vineyard grows a number of red and white grape ranges from which white, red and rosé white wines are produced. Amongst the white wines you can attempt and purchase are Silverlake Chenin Blanc, Shiraz Private Reserve Red, Rosé Grande and Chardonnay.

Food, beverages and store

The Silverlake dining establishment serves a range of Thai and Western meals. While having lunch you can delight in the views of the vineyard and the lake.

At the store you can purchase grapes, white wines and other grape based items as grape jam, grape pie and treats.

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