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The Tuxedo Illusions Hall program is an amazing and amusing program loaded with impressions, magic and hoax. The 45 minutes reveal is carried out in the Tuxedo Illusions Hall, a lovely theater with 350 seats in the center of Pattaya town.

Magic program laced with humor

Enjoyable to look for kids and grownups, the magic program is laced with humor. For a few of the acts, somebody from the audience is welcomed on the phase to help.

The magic is carried out by Mr. Tuxedo, who has actually mastered the art of deceptiveness and represented Thailand in different global magic competitors.

Witch Cellar and the Wizard Home

Likewise take a look at the Witch Cellar and the Wizard Home along the corridor en route to the theater.

Magic techniques and impressions

The Tuxedo Illusions Hall is routinely upgraded with brand-new acts.

In one act an assistant gets cut up in 2 pieces that both keep moving individually of each other. After that, the 2 halves are collaborated once again.

Another act includes a bird cage that gets a fabric drawn over it. When the fabric is gotten rid of, a lady appears from the cage.

Enjoyable techniques with aid from the audience
For a few of the magic, Mr. Tuxedo will choose somebody from the audience to help.
In an uproarious act, a kid in the audience is contacted the phase. After great deals of errors and accidents with support from the kid, lastly a pigeon is extracted of a hat.
Another technique is when a kid is asked to raise a finger, which is then become 2.

Card techniques
Mr. Tuxedo carries out a number of card techniques, like the one that has somebody in the audience choose a card from the deck. After reshuffling and tossing the cards into the air, Mr. Tuxedo chooses the ideal card out of the air and reveals it to the audience.

More techniques and magic
Other techniques and magic get individuals appearing out of no place and vanishing from behind doors with a void behind it and pigeons appearing from a fabric in the magicians hand.


Tuxedo Illusions Hall is found on Pattaya 2nd roadway (Pattaya Sai Tune roadway) Soi 2 near Central Marina Shopping Center.

How to arrive

From main Pattaya the theater can quickly be reached by tuk tuk, taxi or songthaew on the circular path beach roadway – Pattaya 2nd roadway.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Cars And Truck

Program times

There are 6 programs daily.
Times are 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 19:00 and 20:00.

Ticket costs

Stroll in ticket costs at the Tuxedo Illusions Hall are:

Very same costs for grownups and kids
Kids under 90 centimeters high go into totally free

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