See a stunning efficiency by ladyboy dancers using fancy gowns, expensive makeup, flashing dress and great deals of spangle and plumes. An amusing program with burlesque, funny and Bollywood, the Tiffany’s program is enjoyable to look for both young and old.

Attractive dancers carry out an elegant program, a mix of modern-day and standard acts, from amusing to classy, both modern-day and timeless tunes. See the ladyboys dance and sing acts from nations worldwide. Stunning phase styles really with the acts.

The Tiffany theater lies in the center of Pattaya town in strolling range from a few of the city’s finest hotels, numerous bars and dining establishments.

Amusing program for young and old

Tiffany’s cabaret program offers a night of home entertainment for the entire household. A household friendly program, individuals of any ages will take pleasure in seeing the dancers with their fancy gowns, outrageous hair pieces, long eyelashes and lavish plume headdresses.

Ostrich plumes, long eyelashes & & sparkly dress

The Tiffany’s program is a phenomenon of glamour and glamour. Flamboyant dancers use fancy gowns in brilliant colors, ostrich plumes, outrageous hair pieces, long eyelashes, lavish plume headdresses and over the leading makeup. Sensational looking women alter their spectacular attire with each act.

...An elegant performance at Tiffany’s

A sophisticated efficiency

Phase landscapes

The phase landscapes modifications with the acts, phase props and outfits match the tune carried out. The theater is geared up with a contemporary light and stereo.

Thailand’s very first cabaret program

Tiffany’s program has actually been around for years and has actually developed into the outstanding program it is today. The very first program was carried out in 1974, making it the very first ladyboy cabaret program in Thailand. The program has actually won numerous worldwide awards.

Ladyboy dancers

The majority of the dancers are ladyboys, referred to as kathoey in Thailand. A few of them are so stunning and womanly, it is tough to think they were born as males.

Tunes from nations worldwide

The program takes you to numerous nations and a few of their finest understood tunes. You will see acts from nations as Thailand, China, Vietnam, India and Russia.

...One man woman act

One guy female act(* )The acts

The program is a mix of Bollywood, Broadway, burlesque and funny. You will see efficiencies of both timeless and modern-day tunes from numerous nations worldwide.

” The Splendor Flower” is carried out versus a background of Imperial China and outlines the the charm of the Chrysanthemum flower.

” Be Italian” has to do with love in the South European nation.

” I am what I am”, an energetic efficiency of the timeless Gloria Gaynor tune.

” Maharaja”, a Bollywood act about the Maharaja and his court with stunning Indian outfits and Indian music.

” Saigon Woman”, a Vietnamese act in Vietnamese language with vibrant clothes.

” Arirang”, an efficiency of Korea’s most popular folk tune. A timeless fan dance with vibrant outfits and Korean drums.

” Je ne sais quoi”, an attractive act about the tough to take into word qualities that make somebody appealing.

” Reflections”, a show stunning dress and substantial wigs about life in France throughout the time of King Louis XIV.

” The Magic Stones”, with Thai timeless music, really classy dancing and stars flying over the phase. Informs the story of a wonderful Kingdom.

” Tzarist Russia”, versus a background of Moscow, a show stunning dress about Russian history and the times of the Russian czars.

” Tiffany’s recklessness”, the closing show great deals of glamour, glamour and fancy attire.

” One guy female”, a love tune.


...(* )Male and ladyboy dancersMale and kathoey dancers at Tiffany’s Show Take your picture with the ladyboy dancers

It is not permitted to take images or record videos throughout the program. After the program a few of the dancers line up outdoors to position for images with the audience. A suggestion of 100 Baht per dancer in the picture is anticipated.

Appeal contests

Tiffany’s arranges 2 worldwide charm contests. Every year the place is the scene of the “Miss Tiffany’s Universe” and “Miss International Queen” contests.


The Tiffany’s theater lies at 464 Moo 9 Pattaya 2


roadway, about 100 meters from the crossway with Beach roadway and North Pattaya roadway. How to arrive Get on a songthaew on the circular path Beach roadway – Pattaya 2


roadway to get to the theater. Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Vehicle Program times

There are 2 programs daily.

Times are 18:00 and 19:45.

The program lasts a little over an hour.
Taking images or making video recordings throughout the program is not permitted.

Ticket rates
Stroll in ticket rates at the Tiffany’s theater are:

Exact same rates for grownups and kids

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