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Undersea World Pattaya offers a chance to take pleasure in the appeal, colors and range of the undersea world without needing to dive in the ocean.

It is an enjoyable experience for both grownups and kids to see the lots of types of vibrant fish and corals housed in the aquarium and to stroll through the over 100 meter long glass tunnel through the fish tank, an opportunity to get extremely near marine animals as sharks, stingrays and lots of types of vibrant exotic fish.

Ray Swimming Pool

Near the entryway is the Ray Swimming pool which contains fish as starfish, bamboo shark, blue spotted ray and archer fish. A 2nd swimming pool homes types as sea star, sea cucumber and bamboo shark.

Feeding the Koi fish

At the Koi pond kids will take pleasure in feeding the white and orange Koi fish.

Next fulfill the green sea turtle, a huge types of turtle that can take a trip countless miles in the sea and mature to 80 years of ages. The Cylinder Tank homes fish as the brilliantly orange colored blood parrot cichlid.

Vibrant exotic fish and corals

A number of tanks and fish tanks home numerous types of corals and exotic fish like the angelfish, an extremely vibrant types of fish with a round and flat body which enables them to conceal in narrow areas.

...(* )
.A lionfish with spiky fin rays Lionfish with spiky fin rays

The butterfly fish, with its gorgeous intense yellow and orange colors resides in the reef of tropical oceans as does the lionfish, a stunning exotic fish with red and white bands and big, spiky fin rays.

Other tanks home fish as moray eel, scorpion fish, sea horses, tang fish with their very intense colors as yellow and blue and the vibrant clownfish along with gorgeous corals. Do not miss out on the huge crab and the dynamic Asian little clawed otters, the tiniest otter types on the planet.

Strolling through the sea in the glass tunnel

Emphasize of Undersea World Pattaya is its glass tunnel. Strolling through the 105 meter long acrylic glass tunnel visitors experience the impression of strolling on the ocean flooring surrounded by countless fish of several types consisting of sharks, stingrays and huge groupers. As the fish swim best beside you and overhead you get to see the fish from all angles.

Reef zone, Open Ocean zone and Giant of Siam zone

The tunnel is divided in the Reef zone, Open Ocean zone and Giant of Siam zone.

In the Reef zone you will see numerous types of vibrant corals and lots of exotic fish like shoals of huge trevally.

Meet sea types as black pointer reef sharks, eagle rays, black-botched rays, fat nurse sharks and shovel-nose rays in the Open Ocean zone.

The Giant of Siam zone homes a synthetic ship wreck which works as shelter for marine animals. This zone homes types as the arapaima, a huge freshwater fish that can grow to a length of 15 feet.

Fish tank personnel make visitors’ images in the glass tunnel which you can purchase the store near the exit.


...A tank with jellyfish A tank with jellyfish


Rather distinct is Underwater World’s area with tanks consisting of various types of jellyfish with lighting in numerous colors.

Numerous types exist varying in size from simply centimeters to huge like the lion’s hair jellyfish which body can mature to numerous meters and arms as much as 37 meters long. An especially impressive types is the never-ceasing jellyfish, a jellyfish that can re-generate itself making it biologically never-ceasing.

Feeding times

A number of times a day visitors can view how the fish are being fed by Undersea World personnel.

Feeding times are:
. Reef zone



. 15:00

Shark & ray zone



. Giant of Siam zone

. 11:30

. 15:30

Diving with the sharks and rays

A distinct experience and an opportunity to come up extremely near fish as huge groupers, sharks and stingrays is to take a dive in the Reef zone or the Shark & & Ray zone. After getting directions, you will dive in the fish tank with a diving trainer.

Food & & beverages, keepsakes

Food, ice creams and sodas are readily available in the food zone near the entryway. Keepsakes are offered in the store at the exit.


...A fish tank with colorful fish as blood parrot cichlids Blood parrot cichlids


Undersea World Pattaya is found on Sukhumvit roadway, the primary roadway running North to South in Pattaya. The address is 22/22 Moo 11 Sukhumvit roadway, in between Sukhumvit Soi 58 and Soi 60, about 7 kilometers from the center of Pattaya town.

How to arrive

Arrive by taxi or songthaew.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Vehicle

Opening hours

The fish tank opens daily from 9 am till 6 pm. Last admission is at 5.30 pm.

Entryway charges

Ticket costs charged at Underwater World are:


Kid rate: Height 90 – 130 cm

Young Child: Height under 90 cm

Diving & snorkeling

(* )
. 30 Minutes snorkeling


. 1,500
.(* )All 3 diving & snorkeling programs either in Tank 1 or Tank 2

Costs consist of admission cost

Photography with flash is not enabled.

To see more of the undersea world, go to Sea Life Ocean World in Bangkok.
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