A Bang Lamung district authorities examines New Fino in Pattaya after authorities robbed the bar, along with As much as You Karaoke, in the early hours of Sunday. (Picture: Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

CHON BURI: 2 clubs in Pattaya were discovered running without licenses and opening beyond the 2am closing time in different raids by groups of authorities and administrative authorities early on Sunday.

The 2 home entertainment places – New Fino and As Much As You Karaoke clubs – lay in Bang Lamung district under the jurisdiction of Pattaya authorities.

New Fino Club was discovered with about 30 customers and As much as You with about 50 consumers when they were robbed at about 3.30 am.

Both places were discovered running without licences.

The operators of the 2 locations were apprehended and charged with operating without licenses and opening and serving alcohols beyond the closing hours.

The provincial guv would be advised to release an order to shut down the 2 clubs, authorities stated.

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