Volunteers from the Silatham Association of Restriction Bueng keep to the distinct 4.34 meter gold-colored king cobra which they recorded from a workshed in Klong Kiew Subdistrict in Chonburi.

Snake rustlers recorded a huge 4.34-meter King Cobra concealing in a Restriction Bung work shed. Volunteers from the Silatham Association of Restriction Bueng in Klong Kiew Subdistrict in Chonburi captured the 18-kilogram golden colored reptile after enticing it out of a stack of galvanized steel sheets with a flashlight and hook lasso at the home in Restriction Nong Takien, Restriction Bueng District March 12.

Volunteer Paisan Phonnimitsub stated another King Cobra weighing 14 kg. and determining 4.2 meters was recorded from a home simply 3 kilometers away on Feb. 28. He stated next-door neighbors enjoying him capture the snake bet on his truck’s license plate in the federal government lotto and won, as the plate ended with the winning 55 number. They stated will bank on number 3735 which was the snake catchers’ truck license plate number this time.

As in the past, the current recorded king cobra was required to Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, a snake-research center in Bangkok.

The brave snake catchers flaunt their valued 18 kg, 4.34 meter gold-colored king cobra.

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