Migration officers inspect documents of suppliers and workers at Amorn Nakorn Market in Naklua looking for unlawful immigrants working without licenses.

Banglamung and Migration authorities recorded 7 immigrants unlawfully operating at Pattaya’s biggest early morning market in Naklua old town.

Officers accompanied by authorities from the Labor Ministry obstructed off all exits of the Amorn Nakorn Market around 6 a.m. April 5.

About 30 migrant employees from Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos spread in all instructions, running helter-skelter from authorities although 23 of them had completely genuine visas and work licenses.

The other 7, nevertheless, did not and were required to the Chonburi Migration Workplace to process for deportation.

Migration authorities stated the raid was staged due to the fact that Songkran was coming and authorities wished to avoid “incidents” brought on by migrant employees to provide Thais comfort.

Authorities apprehended 7 unlawful employees and transferred them to the Chonburi Migration Workplace to process for deportation.

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