When it pertains to odd, fantastic, outrageous and entertaining bar names, Pattaya needs to have a more total and varied collection than any other location worldwide, bar none. Bar names in Pattaya variety from slightly entertaining to downright offending. They are in some cases extremely creative, suggestive, or quite straight to the point.

You might state a few of the more entertaining bar names in Pattaya, well– raise the bar, so to state.

In the last few years there has really been a purge to rid Pattaya of a few of its less preferable bar names, successfully disallowing using unsuitable language. So for much of the more unrefined and offending bar names which were considered to be scraping the bottom of the barrel, last orders were called, and the bars embraced names more in keeping with the general public spirit.

Let’s begin of with my preferred Pattaya bar name. I make certain there is, and you most likely can?


2: let’s hope they’re not taking it, or serving it.

Pattaya Bar
That truly is taking it!.

3: I have actually heard great deals of good ideas about this bar in Pattaya.

bar sign Pattaya Thailand
Great Whatever Bar

4: In Britain it’s a slang word for vaginal area. In the U.S it’s a slang word for an individuals bottom. Is this bar utilizing the American– or the British slang?

Pattaya bar sign
The Pink Fanny

So, it can be a bar name, or the proprietor’s name.

Pattaya Bar
Mr. Pee bar

What’s the most entertaining bar name you have seen in Pattaya?

There still is, and has actually been much more bars in Pattaya with entertaining or amusing names. The Cockwell Inn, The Pet Dogs Bollocks, Great n’ Sleazy, F * ck You Disallow– are simply a couple of that entered your mind.

I would be interested to hear which Pattaya bar names you discover entertaining. You can leave your idea in the remarks form, listed below.

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