Fortunate Star bar on Pattaya Beach Roadway

There are 2 surveys on this page. The concerns are not– which is the very best and worst single bar or night life location in Pattaya. The concerns are, in your viewpoint, what are the very best and worst “types” of bar and night life places in Pattaya. By “types” of bar and night life places, I indicate agogo bars, open-style beer-bars, short-time bars, pub-style bars, and so on.

Or the very best bar in Pattaya, for you, may be a bar like the Lucky Star bar (image listed below) on Pattaya Beach Roadway, where you can simply unwind and delight in the sea view.

Among the very best features of bars and night life in Pattaya is– whether you delight in the attention of charming Thai bar ladies, or you relish being in privacy while seeing the world pass– there’s a bar or night life location that feels perfect.

In Pattaya, there is a bar where you can do anything, practically. There are bars you can go to for sex. Bars where you may discover the most gorgeous Thai ladies, and attractive programs. Bars where you can enjoy live sport on television or listen to a live music band.

The Classroom, Pattaya Thailand
The Class Music Lounge, Pattaya Thailand

Some bars in Pattaya, like The Class (image above), have live music, sport on television, ladies if you’re interested, and outside seating. So a little bit of whatever.

There are bars in Pattaya. And clubs too, where they practice BDSM, fetish play, and girlfriends whip you and treat you as their servant, comparable to how family men are dealt with in your home lol.

Finest Bars & & Night Life Places in Pattaya
You can pick 2 alternatives.

The worst bars and night life places in Pattaya? I indicate the bars you prevent since possibly the music is too loud, the ladies reveal no interest, you do not like crowds, or there’s a resident owner or supervisor you do not wish to connect with.

Scary looking Thai bar girls at Halloween in Classroom Agogo, Pattaya Thailand
Frightening Thai bar ladies

There are times, and locations where you may even feel frightened by Thai bar ladies, and you’re unsure what will occur next when you get in a bar.

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