At the time of writing (Asana Bucha Day) there truly is “no alcohol in Pattaya” in the regard that there is a restriction on the sale and usage of alcohol throughout Thailand. Do not panic, alcohol restrictions are just carried out 5 days a year, other than in case of nationwide and city government elections, or other unique scenarios when the sale and usage of alcohol is prohibited.

That still leaves you 360 days a year to consume and celebration to your hearts material, and 361 days on a leap year.

How is the alcohol restriction carried out in Pattaya?

On the days the sale and usage of alcohol is prohibited you can not “lawfully” purchase alcohol anywhere, that consists of corner store, bars, bars, dining establishments and hotels.

it’s just a restriction on alcohol, so you might discover some bars around Pattaya are open, and offering sodas and food, however in truth a lot will not trouble opening at all.

The restriction on the sale of alcohol is imposed the complete 24 hr of the day, ranging from midnight to midnight.

On which days exists a alcohol restriction in Pattaya

The alcohol restrictions are imposed on essential Buddhist vacations (Buddha Days) in Thailand and are across the country. see information listed below.

To begin with, simply let me inform you that the dates of numerous occasions and vacations in Thailand are according to the Thai lunar calendar. To attempt and prevent confusion simply remember the very first month of the Thai lunar calendar begins in late November or early December.

Makha Bucha Day: On the moon day of the 3rd lunar month, generally February or March.

Visakha Bucha Day: On the moon of the 6th lunar month, generally May.

Assana (Asalha) Bucha Day): On the moon of the 8th lunar month, generally July.

Khao Phansa (begin Buddhist provided): Very first day after the moon of the 8th lunar month, generally July the day after Assana Bucha Day.

Awk Phansa (end Buddhist provided): Generally October, after a period of 3 lunar months.

What to do throughout alcohol complimentary days in Pattaya

These are essential spiritual vacations in Thailand, and are frequently commemorated with public events and parades, so keep your on the regional press for dates of any occasions in Pattaya on those days.

You may consider yourself unfortunate if you pertained to Pattaya to delight in the night life, however at the very same time you’re fortunate there’s numerous other other methods to delight in a night or more in Pattaya without alcohol, it’s not completion of the world.

Unless you are a daytime drinker you will just require to customize your night-time routines, and anyhow, what you can do by night you can do by day in Pattaya. Here’s a couple of recommended things you may wish to attempt in your short-lived state of sobriety.

Go capture a motion picture at the movie theater.

Strike it fortunate at a tenpin bowling street.

Review your 8 and 9 abilities at an air conditioned swimming pool hall.

Deal with somebody unique to a meal at beach dining establishment.

View the lady-boy cabaret program at Tiffany’s.

Go view a Muay Thai battle.

Begin, truly. Being sober is not that bad, under the best scenarios it can even be enjoyable. Everybody ought to attempt it, a minimum of when a year.

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