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Enjoyable to expect both grownups and kids, Kaan is an interesting program that utilizes modern-day innovation to develop unique impacts and impressions.

Based upon Thai folklore and folklore, the incredible 75 minute program includes animals as flying dragons and big robotic like animals. Kaan integrates a performance, movie theater and the current innovation to develop a thrilling and appealing program with remarkable landscapes and incredible action.

Flying dragons and synthetic lightning storm

Kaan program utilizes innovation as 4D forecast mapping and animatronics to develop massive animals, a flying dragon, big robotic like animals and a synthetic lightning storm. Experienced stars carry out human aerial balancings.

. . .Gabilpuksa, a furry half bird and half monkey creature .

A furry half bird- half monkey animal

The theatre

Kaan Program is carried out in the D’LUCK Cinematic theatre which has actually been deliberately developed for the program. The theatre is geared up with the current innovation.

Lovely phase style and props develop remarkable landscapes where the stories unfold. Divided into numerous seating zones, seats are comfy with excellent views of the phase from every seat.


Kaan program utilizes the current innovation to develop an awesome program with various unique impacts and impressions.

With hd forecast mapping, a strategy utilized to imitate motion, the program develops visual fallacies and makes 2D items look like 3D.
Cutting-edge animatronics utilizes robotics to imitate a human or an animal.

The theatre is geared up with an innovative and modern-day noise and lighting system.

. . .Sudsakorn on a flying dragon .

Sudsakorn on a flying dragon

Thai folk tales

The Kaan story is based upon Thai folklore and folklore. It likewise includes numerous characters from the Ramayana, a popular Indian legendary.

The Kaan Story

Every visitor gets a pamphlet with the Kaan story. To finest follow the story, reviewed it prior to the start of the program.

The story begins with the primary character Kaan checking out books in the library. When the curator sees he is tired, she provides him a book with his name on it. When he opens it, Kaan with his buddy Gabilpuksa, a furry half monkey – half bird animal, is in some way carried into the great story.

The rage of the Sea Giantess
This story is motivated by the Phra Aphai Mani, a popular Thai legendary poem.

It informs of an interesting journey throughout high mountains and deep seas to Marvel Island. Enjoy Prince Aphai Mani flying his wonderful horse Nin Mang Korn, cruising the oceans on a substantial ship accompanied by mermaids when a sea ogress called Nang Phi Suea Samut and her army of sea beasts attack.

The colors of Himmavanta
An experience embeded in the Himmapan forest. In Hindu folklore the Himmapan forest surrounds the mythological mountain Mount Meru, the center of deep space.

The forest is lived in by mythological animals that have functions of numerous animals in them, like a horse with the head of a bird. Likewise living there are the Kinnaree, half human – half bird, that are thought to safeguard people.

The animals in the forest remain in outcry when the Kinnaree understand that Pran Advantage, a popular hunter from Thai literature, is on his method to the forest to hunt.

. . .(* ) .Flying Kinnaree, Kaan Show Pattaya A number of flying Kinnaree

The chase of lightning

A story with an amazing synthetic lightning storm. On a black night with lightning flashing through the dark sky and the holler of loud thunder, 2 Gods fight in the sky. Mekhala, the Goddess of lightning and the seas and Ramasura, the God of thunder battle when Ramasura changes himself into a massive devil.
The wager for the ivory Kingdom

Based Upon the Sang Thong tale, the story is set at the King’s palace where a substantial banquet is held. 6 princes have actually originated from far lands to the palace to complete for the King’s child. To choose the very best other half for his child, the King launches a huge beast and a battle to the death begins. The winner will get to wed the princess.
The Undersea Void

The undersea void is based upon the Krai Thong story, a folktale from North Thailand. The story plays in a wonderful undersea cavern where lots of crocodiles live. The cavern is ruled by a relentless crocodile called Chalawan. A battle to the death in the undersea world in between the big crocodile and a brave guy called Krai Thong occurs.
The Calamity

This story that informs of a substantial fight portrays numerous characters from the Ramayana, a popular Indian legendary.
The King of devils has actually entered our present time. He has actually changed himself into a huge steel robotic with a huge variety of weapons and sets out to damage the world. Kaan with Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman and his army of monkey warriors handle the devil King and a fight to the death begins.

Take your image with the stars

Cams are not allowed the theatre. Prior to and after the program a number of the primary characters will remain in the foyer. You can make your image with them complimentary of charge.


. . .Ravana, one of the characters in the Kaan Show Ravana


You can enjoy the Kaan program in the D’LUCK Cinematic theatre on 168/8 Thep Prasit Soi 12 in Pattaya. It is best throughout the street from the Colosseum Cabaret theatre.

How to arrive

Arrive by songthaew, taxi or tuk tuk.


To arrive from main Pattaya by songthaew, initially get to the corner of South Pattaya roadway and Pattaya 2
nd roadway. Get on a songthaew towards Jomtien and leave at the crossway with Thep Prasit roadway. From there take a songthaew on Thep Prasit roadway towards Sukhumvit roadway. After about one kilometer you will see the theatre on the left hand side.
Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Vehicle

Program times

There is one program daily, other than on Wednesday.

The program begins at 7:30 pm.
There is absence on Wednesday.
Ticket rates

The theatre is divided into 4 seating zones. Ticket rates at the D’LUCK theatre are:

Kid rate: Age 5 – 12 years or height under 140 centimeters

Kids more youthful than 5 years of ages are not allowed the theatre.
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