Arts & Culture Town

Satisfy the culture and customs of old Thailand at Thai Thani Arts & Culture Town in Pattaya. Learn more about Thai design activities, arts and crafts, standard dance efficiencies and celebrations from all 4 areas of Thailand and enjoy the standard lifestyle from bygone times.

4 areas of Thai town

At the 4 areas of Thai town you can be familiar with the architecture, arts and food of each of Thailand’s 4 areas, being the North, Northeast, Central and South.

Songkran location

At the Songkran location you can play the water tossing celebration, when individuals sprinkle water on each other. Songkran is the celebration to commemorate Thai brand-new year in April. You can play Songkran at 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm.

Playing Songkran festival
Playing Songkran celebration

Loy Krathong location

Another popular Thai celebration is Loy Krathong, typically commemorated in November. At this location you can participate in drifting a krathong on the water. A krathong is a basket embellished with flowers and a candle light. Sign Up With the Loy Krathong events at 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm or 4 pm.

Thai architecture

Around Thai Thani Arts & & Culture town are recreations of standard North and Northeast design homes, along with the standard homes of numerous of the hill people that reside in the mountainous North.

Lanna and Isan homes
Have a look at numerous homes in the unique architectural design of the North (Lanna) and the Northeast (Isan).

Hill people homes
You will likewise discover numerous standard homes of remote hill people of North Thailand, such as the Akha, Hmong and Karen.

 Lanna design templeReconstruction of a temple building in the Lanna style of North Thailand

A really gorgeous structure is the viharn( assembly hall of a Buddhist temple) in a cruciform shape. The viharn that has a multi tiered roofing system is built in the ancient Lanna design of North Thailand. The structure has 4 porticoes each preserving a golden Buddha image. Ornately embellished pillars support the structure. Likewise you should have a look at the Northern design Khantoke dining establishment and the alms bowl structure.

Thai arts

Around the cultural town there are paintings, sculptures, bas reliefs and ancient Buddha images from numerous age in Thai history. To name a few you will see representations of animals from Thai folklore like the Kinnaree, that are half human and half bird.

Images of the Buddha

Kad Moua Market

Taste numerous foods and sugary foods from all 4 areas of Thailand in a setting of Thailand in passed times at the Kad Moua market.

Gallery of arts & & crafts

A location devoted to standard Thai arts, crafts and abilities from throughout Thailand.

Thai massage

Take pleasure in a brief, unwinding massage with herbs. The massage strategies have actually been established over centuries. You can likewise attempt your hand at natural compress ball making at a charge of 60 Baht.

Making Thai foods & & sugary foods

Discover how popular Thai meals as papaya salad (som tam) or scrumptious coconut cakes are prepared in the cooking class. Then attempt to make some coconut cakes yourself and taste what you have actually made.

Ornamental fruit sculpting

Vegetables and fruit sculpting is a conventional art that returns centuries. It is an ability that needs excellent accuracy. You can attempt it yourself if you like.

Thai Thani silk

Discover how popular Thai silk is made beginning with the cocoons formed by worms, the length of time threads are drawn out from them, how the threads are woven into fabrics and lastly the coloring procedure to provide it color.

Umbrella painting

See how standard paper parasols are made in the umbrella painting structure. You can paint and embellish an umbrella in your own style utilizing lively colors. There is a 100 Baht charge for this activity.

Umbrella painting at Thai Thani
Conventional umbrella painting

Lunch with standard dance

Take pleasure in Thai lunch while enjoying standard Thai dance efficiencies. Lunch and efficiencies begin at 12 twelve noon and at 1 pm.

Khum Khantoke dining establishment

Attempt scrumptious meals from the Lanna kitchen area of North Thailand while enjoying numerous standard Lanna dances. Khum Khantoke supper and dance begins at 5:10 pm and 6:10 pm.


See numerous programs, music and dance efficiencies from all 4 areas of Thailand. Amongst them are:

Methods to navigate

An enjoyable experience is to take an unwinded trip in an old design horse drawn carriage.

Another enjoyable method to navigate the town is to ride an old design, 3 seater bike.

LocationThai Thani arts & & culture town lies at 88 Bang Sare in Sattahip district, simply South of Pattaya.

A see to Thai Thani can quickly be integrated with Legend Siam cultural amusement park and Nong Nooch tropical garden, both in the exact same location.

How to arrive

To arrive, employ a songthaew, a modified choice up truck with benches in the back. The songthaew is open and does not have cooling. Work out with the chauffeur about the cost and period prior to beginning the journey. If you choose a more comfy transfer, employ a taxi. Settle on cost and period of the journey prior to getting in.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Cars And Truck

Opening hours

Thai Thani arts & & culture town opens daily from 10:30 am till 8 pm.

Admission + Thai folk arts

One hour Thai folk arts activities (Thai massage, making Thai foods & & sugary foods, ornamental fruit sculpting, Thai Thani silk). Service charge for natural compress ball making 60 Baht, for umbrella painting 100 Baht. Kid rate: 80 – 120 cm

Young child rate: under 80 cm high

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