Walking Street is a 700-meter long street that begins at the southern-most end of Pattaya Beach Roadway and surfaces at Bali Hai Pier. Consisting of the approximate 500 meters of backstreet (sois) in between Walking Street and second Roadway makes an overall range of about 1.2 kilometers, occupied generally by numerous night life locations.

Simply search for the Walking Street Indication (image above), that’s where Pattaya Beach Roadway ends, and Walking Street starts.

Walking Street is so-called since, under typical scenarios, the street is closed to traffic from roughly 6 PM till the early hours of the early morning

Walking Street Pattaya by night
A hectic night on Walking Street, Pattaya

Walking Street is the most well-known night life zone in Pattaya. As promoted by the brilliant neon indications, Walking Street is house to a lot of Pattaya’s most popular Agogo bars, discos, and bars.

With its canopy of brilliant neon indications, the bar women, the attractive programs, and due to its popularity (or infamy), Walking Street is not just one of Pattaya’s premier night life centers– it’s quite a “traveler destination” in its own right.

Walking Street, Pattaya during the daytime
Walking Street by day

Even by day (image above), prior to the neon lights flicker to life and the celebration begins, it’s well worth a walk down the most well-known and perhaps most photogenic street in Pattaya.

What’s on Walking Street?

Besides gogo bars, discos, and bars, Walking Street is likewise house to many open-style beer bars, live music locations, dining establishments, fast-food outlets, tailor stores, and corner store.

Gogo bar on Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand
Among the lots of gogo bars on Walking Street, Pattaya

Agogo Bars

Walking Street is house to more Agogo bars than any other night life zone in Pattaya, and debatably where you will discover the sexiest women in Pattaya.

What goes on in Walking Street gogo bars differs from one gogo to another. Dance regimens are the standard in all gogo bars, however some placed on attractive programs and even side tourist attractions. And at some Walking Street gogo’s, the women have a credibility for being hands-on.

Girls working at a beer bar on Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand
Women operating at a beer bar on Walking Street

Beer Bars

There are numerous open-style bars in Walking Street, on the street side, backstreet, and multi-bar beer bar complexes.

They are a few of the most relaxed and most affordable locations to consume on Walking Street. Terrific locations to satisfy women, or view life pass, to take in the sights and noises of Walking Street.

Nightclub on Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand
808 Club on Walking Street

Discos and Clubs

There are a number of bars and discos on Walking Street, most especially Marine, Lucifer, Sleeping disorders, and 808. The majority of have DJs or live music. You will discover they generally have actually an extremely unwinded gown code, brief and Tee shirts are appropriate, some may demand pants, some will turn you away if you’re using singlets, shoes, and flip-flops.

Walking Street’s bars and discos are “the location” for immigrants to dance and celebration till late. They are likewise popular with Thais, consisting of self-employed women and bar women. Discos and bars open their doors at numerous times throughout the night, generally in between 7 and 10 PM, and close according to existing legal closing times, generally in between 12 AM and 1 AM.

Seafood restaurant on Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand
Seafood dining establishment over the water on Walking Street

Walking Street Seafood Restaurants

On the west side (seafront) of Walking Street are some popular seafood dining establishments, most especially Nang Nual, King Seafood, and The Lobster Pot. Every one has actually a balcony developed over the sea where you can dine and take pleasure in the view of Pattaya Bay.

From experience, I can inform you if you can get a seat near to the water’s edge at Nang Nual, it’s a terrific location to view the Pattaya New Year fireworks.

Is Walking Street Expensive?

Compared to other night life zones such as Soi 7 & & 8, Soi 6, and the night life zones in the area of Soi Buakhao, Walking Street is normally more pricey.

There enjoy hours and beverages offers like in other places in Pattaya, however if you wind up purchasing beverages for the women (woman beverages) in gogo bars, you will pay 150– 200 baht, perhaps even more.

Girls advertising beer prices outside a gogo bar on Walking Street, Pattaya
Delighted hour beverages offers on Strolling Street

Finest Time to Go To Walking Street

You will discover bars open from midday, even prior to. Most of gogo bars open at night in between 6 PM and 8 PM, and bars and discos open anywhere in between 7 and 10 PM.

The Future of Walking Street

Due to the doubtful legality of Walking Street’s waterside structures, the future of Strolling Street has actually remained in jeopardy, on and off, for several years. Even more, the impact of Covid-19 on Pattaya’s night life will likely suggest lots of nightlife locations on Walking Street do not open once again, a minimum of not in the instant future.

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