Netizens are worried about the security of kids after images of a group of 9 and ten years olds cigarette smoking marijuana from a bamboo bong on Pattaya Beach in Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand, went viral on social networks.

Thailand delisted marijuana as an illegal narcotic in June to enable the general public to make use of the plant’s medical residential or commercial properties. However without much previous preparation, little to no legislation to manage cannabis usage– or to secure children from utilizing marijuana– was executed.

One clear guideline is that marijuana can not be offered or utilized by anybody under twenty years old. Nevertheless, when marijuana is so available that it can be purchased from vans and street suppliers, it is not a surprise that the group of main school-age kids in the images handled to get a hold of some.

The male who published the images, 35 years of age Krittiwat Matrong, stated he stumbled upon the kids when he was on his method to see a fireworks show in Pattaya. As Krittiwat prepared to board a boat, he saw kids resting on the wall at the beach cigarette smoking from a bamboo bong.

In the beginning, Krittiwat believed the kids were simply playing, however as he approached them he understood the young boys were smoking cannabis.

Krittiwat approached the kids and asked their ages to find they were just 9-10 years of ages. When Krittiwat asked where their moms and dads were, they informed him that they didn’t have any moms and dads.

Nevertheless, when Krittiwat alerted them that they are too young to smoke cannabis, among the kids stated, “I’m not terrified of you. My daddy is a soldier.”

Netizens are worried about the kids’s wellness and numerous criticised their guardians for permitting them to go to Pattaya Beach without supervision.

Children freely smoking cannabis on the beach is harming to Pattaya’s image, too, included Krittiwat.

Thailand just recently made marijuana flowers– the part which consists of the most THC– a “regulated herb” and prohibited all marketing of the plant. However numerous believe it is too little too late– the genie is currently out of the bottle.

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