In a tale as old as time, another foreign traveler had their gold locket taken by ladyboys in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand, in the dead of night.

At 3am today, 24 years of age Artem [surname withheld] of Russian citizenship looked for assistance from officers at Pattaya City Police Headquarters.

He stated 2 ladyboys molested him and untied his gold locket on the beach outside Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya Shopping Center in Nong Prue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district.

The Traveler Cops zoomed to the scene and captured the burglars red-handed clutching a gold locket. Cops jailed 38 years of age Kittiphan and 29 years of age Aniwat and took them to the station for additional legal procedures.

Cops stated the location where the criminal activity occurred is rather dark and ladyboys are prowling in the shadows waiting to take from travelers.

In July, Pattaya Cops stated an Indian traveler reported that a ladyboy took his 30,000 baht gold locket.

In Might, 7 Indian travelers in the area of 2 weeks reported having their gold locket taken in Pattaya.

In April, an Indian traveler declared that burglars in “hot gowns” took his 33,000 baht gold locket in Pattaya.

Recently, 36 sex employees in Pattaya were jailed near Strolling Street for prostitution, which protests the law in Thailand.

Pattaya Cops stated they were punishing transgender woman of the streets in specific after the incredible volume of travelers reported to be robbed by ladyboys in the location.

Cops have actually recommended travelers to keep their wits about them in Pattaya and watch out for pocket pickers.

If you remain in Pattaya, it’s most likely best to keep your fancy gold locket out of sight, too.

Thailand– Phuket and Pattaya in specific– are popular locations amongst Russian travelers. Just recently, Thailand has actually seen a rise in arrivals from the war-torn nation, taking tourist authorities by surprise.

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