Cabby are not all bad. A Pattaya motorbike-taxi motorist handed into authorities a immigrant’s wallet he discovered.

The wallet included about 18,000 baht. Recognition discovered inside the bag was Franz-Joseph (surname kept), a German nationwide. The wallet included 320 euros (12,000 baht) and 6,150 baht (US$ 180).

The truthful cab driver, Amnuay Plungklang, called the media recently to publicise his discover in the hope that its owner would declare the wallet he discovered on Soi Buakhao. The 49 years of age Amnuay, who operates at a taxi stand next to Big C Extra on Central Road, stated he has actually discovered lots of wallets. He has actually never ever thought about keeping the cash and even requesting a benefit. As constantly, he turned the wallet into the authorities.

Like the majority of people, many cab driver are truthful individuals and the actions of a couple of mischief-makers stain the credibility of all.

In Bangkok just recently, a Thai guest overpaid his taxi fare 1,000-fold. After inadvertently moving 253,303 baht for a 253-baht taxi flight, the motorist returned the incorrect pointer.

However it’s not all great.

There are stalkers …

A female motorist released a cautioning to others after she was stalked by a cab driver to her house in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. The taxi driver rejected the allegation stating he was employed by an unidentified individual to follow her.

And scam artist …

A guest submitted a problem to the authorities versus a supposedly deceitful cab driver in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok after he declined to return the 70,000 baht he discovered in the taxi back to its owner. The cab driver asked his good friend to pretend the money was hers and kept the cash for himself.

Cabby are not all bad, however some need to take the rough with the smooth …

A motorcycle cab driver from Samut Prakan province, simply south of Bangkok in Thailand, won 12 million baht (US$ 345,000) in the lottery game. Ek– who operates in the King Kaew location of Bang Phli district– exposed that he picked the winning lottery game number 375805 utilizing the age of his ex-wife who unfortunately died simply one week back.

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