A Russian male who ran away to Thailand to get away murder charges was located and detained in Pattaya. Migration Authorities collaborated with the Russian Embassy in Thailand to collaborate in finding the male and taking him into custody. Now the procedure has actually started to extradite him to Russia to deal with charges.

Igor Guzhin had actually a warrant provided for his arrest on October 11, 2019, by the court of the Russian city of Samara, implicated of the agreement murder of somebody. However he has actually been living as a complimentary male for the last 3 years in Thailand. The deputy commissioner of the Migration Authorities Bureau validated that the male was tape-recorded getting in Thailand on December 2, 2019.

According to Bangkok Post, migration cops identified that the male had actually been residing in Pattaya. They tracked him down to the Bang Lamung district and validated that he was residing in tambon Nong Prue at Moo 12. The Crook Court provided a warrant for his arrest and on Saturday migration cops tracked the 51 years of age Russian murder think down at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya and took him into custody.

The Migration Authorities Bureau deputy commissioner described that the warrant was provided as a conclusion of cooperation in between the Russian Embassy and the Foreign Ministry. He stated that the Russian Embassy had actually gotten in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked for assistance from the Thai cops to record the Russian male implicated of murder and bring him to justice.

Now that the male remains in custody, legal treatments have actually started for the extradition procedure back to Russia where he will deal with charges for the agreement murder. If founded guilty, the Russian male might be offered a variety of possible sentencing. Lower charges might sustain a prison sentence in between 8 and twenty years. However complete penalty might consist of investing the rest of his life in jail and even the death sentence.

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