Jose Polanco Jr (in white Tee shirts) speak with Pattaya authorities at the police headquarters on Monday. (Picture by Treenai Chansrichol)

PATTAYA: Authorities have actually charged an American who presumably punched an Australian who passed away later on in the resort town on Friday night.

While Jose Polanco Jr, 44, an American nationwide, was at Ruby club on Pattaya 6 Roadway in Bang Lamung district, he saw Benjamin Robb, 43, an Australian nationwide, argue with Roong-arun Sangsuwan, a Thai lady. Mr Robb then squeezed her neck and raised her off the ground till her face turned blue, authorities stated.

At this moment, Mr Polanco stepped in and a conflict followed. Mr Polanco punched Mr Robb’s face and he was up to the ground. Mr Robb was later on sent out to Pattaya Memorial Health Center where he was noticable dead later on of brain injury.

Mr Polanco did not get away and report to authorities on the exact same day. He was at first charged with hurting others triggering death, punishable by 3-15 years under the Lawbreaker Code.

Mr Polanco rejected the charge, stating he just protected himself. He did not obtain bail.

Authorities stated they had actually sent out reports to the embassies of the 2 nations and the case would litigate.

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