A CCTV video camera image reveals Prasit Karbpetch painting traffic lines on the roadway simply minutes prior to Michelle Ann Eddy became the condominium entryway and ran over him.

An Australian female ran over and eliminated a condo painter she declared she never ever saw.
Michelle Ann Eddy, 62, was apprehended by authorities for questioning Jan. 12 after eliminating Prasit Karbpetch, 45, with her Ford Carnival at the Wongamat Home Condo, on Naklua Soi 16.

Witness Somphan Sangsuwan, 32, stated he and Prasit were painting traffic lines at the condominium parking area, with the older guy measuring and taping off lines near the security personnel’s cubicle.

As he knelt on the ground, Eddy drew in and ran over Prasit, obviously not understanding it, as she continued motoring into the parking lot. She was then notified that bump she discussed en route in was a human.

Prasit passed away at the scene of disastrous injuries.
The senior Aussie declared she didn’t see Prasit on the ground or understand she ‘d strike something.

Cops question Michelle Ann Eddy (left) after the freak mishap that declared the life of an apartment traffic lines painter.

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