The Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan rescuers bring the lifeless body on 11-year-old Bom out of the Huai Chak Nok Tank in east Pattaya.

An autistic male has actually been charged in the irresponsible death of an 11-year-old who drowned in east Pattaya.

Attaphol Thimkomol, 28 was recognized by 2 good friends of Bom, the 11-year-old kid who drowned March 26 in the Huai Chak Nok Tank. Attaphol, whose grandma, Somboon Boonjan, stated struggles with a mental-development condition she compared to autism, rejected any participation in the death.

Bom and his friends, Beam and Phum, had actually been at the tank trying to find battling fish. Bom saw Attaphol playing alone in the water and approached him, asking how deep the water was. None of the 3 young boys might swim.

Beam and Phum stated Attaphol was talking with himself unintelligibly and unexpectedly got Bom, bring him out 10 meters from coast where he tossed the kid in the water.

Cops and locals get to the scene where Bom was last viewed as the rescue group prepares to start the search and rescue operations.

Bom flailed and called for aid. Attaphol not did anything and his good friends, who can’t swim, where not able to help. The kid sank to the bottom and his good friends ran for aid.

Bom then went to coast, got on his bike and pedaled house to his home on Soi Tungklom-Tanman 13. Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan rescuers showed up, however it was far too late. It took thirty minutes to recuperate the body.

Somboon, 68, stated her grand son has actually been psychologically challenged because birth and has problem even speaking. She stated he had actually never ever harmed anybody prior to and firmly insisted Attaphol could not have actually done it. However she confessed he had actually been at the tank.

Attaphol was charged with neglect leading to death and will be examined prior to prosecution.

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