Phra Maha Thanongsak carries out a true blessing event on his disciples who intend to get good luck by winning a huge lotto reward.

Factory employees gathered to a Sriracha temple to get blessed after a colleague who did, won the lotto.

The line extended the door of the God of Wealth Hall at Wat Rangsi Sutthawat in Surasak subdistrict Feb. 20 with workers waiting to be blessed with holy water by Phra Maha Thanongsak or Luang Po Tom, the assistant abbot.

The monk unexpectedly ended up being the most popular guy in the Sriracha clergy after earlier blessing the hands and wallet of a colleague at the Borwin factory who purchased a lottery game ticket outside the temple and, 10 days later on, won the 6-million-baht very first reward in the Feb. 16 federal government lotto illustration.

Phra Maha Thanongsak has a big following of Malaysian and Singaporean Buddhists and is well-known for blessing hands, bank notes, wallets and mobile phone cases over the previous 5 years.

The revered monk blesses the hand of a fan with spiritual signs to bring best of luck and fortune to the individual.

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