Katsu curry rice. (Images thanks to Central Pattana)

Japanophiles in Pattaya keep in mind. The “Japan Signature 2022” is taking a roadshow to Central Pattaya in Chon Buri from tomorrow to Aug 28.

Provided by Central Pattana, this is a chance to take pleasure in a series of thoroughly picked genuine Japanese food with deliciousness ensured in the environment of Matsuri, or the Japanese celebration of pleasure.

Anticipate to delight in famous ramen dishes and ready-to-eat meals prepared by chefs from lots of dining establishments at the Ramen Coffee shop zone. They consist of Ichiran ramen from A Ramen, genuine Nagoya-style ramen from HonAji Ramen, and homemade Katsu curry rice from Kuro Kiiro.

There will be Saikoro Wagyu steak imported from different cities in Japan, initial yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) of Tenoji dish from Matsuri, and unagi wear (Japanese grilled eel with rice) from Semakutei.

Set to make visitors feel as if they were strolling in a Matsuri celebration right in the Land of the Increasing Sun will be sweet and mouth-watering Japanese street food such as dango (dumpling) and daifuku (filled mochi) from Ganyudo BKK, Taiyaki cake from Child Castella & & Taiyaki, and sugar-coated strawberries on skewers from My Strawberry.

Other appealing meals will be Takoyaki sprayed with seaweed and Katsuo from Makindi, Okonomiyaki Takuya (Japanese pizza on skewers) filled with great deals of garnishes from the dining establishment of the exact same name, Cremia’s ice cream made from Japan’s aromatic genuine Hokkaido Softkream, and the well-known Shiroi Kobito cookies from Jalux Corner.

After Pattaya, the fair will duplicate at Central Chanthaburi from Sept 5-11 and 7 other mall under Central Pattana throughout the nation prior to it will conclude at Central Salaya from Nov 5 to Dec 5.

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