Drive previous Sukhumvit-Asoke crossway and you might observe a brand-new signboard has actually shown up in the previous couple of days promoting an unique discount rate for purchasers of a high-end condo task on Sathon Roadway that up until just recently was being promoted as having actually been 100% offered out.

One would be forgiven if they believed that this was a standalone case of a single task, however if one digs much deeper they will observe that the need for residential or commercial property in Thailand, specifically in Bangkok, has actually been seeing a stage of downturn over the previous number of years, although many designers would not confess to it.

” The scenario in the residential or commercial property market is not as rosy as you might believe however it is not that bad either,” Adisorn Thananan-narapool, ceo of Land & & Houses Plc, stated.

Although confessing that the supply of condos in the city was on a sharp growth which might affect the takeup rates, he stated at the minute worry of a residential or commercial property market crash is something that still is not on the horizon.

Mr Adisorn, who handles the 132-billion-baht market capitalisation business LH, states that a person of the most significant indications of not seeing a possible crash is the reality that the margins of the designers have actually not decreased substantially over the previous couple of quarters.

The existing gross margins for many Stock market of Thailand-listed residential or commercial property designers stand at around 33%, versus the 35% gross margins they were delighting in about 5 years back, at the very same time running margins have actually seen a bigger drop to 17% from 20% seen throughout the very same duration.

The bulk of this decrease has actually originated from the boost in selling and administrative expenditures which depend on about 16% from 12%, and there are no indications of any turnaround of the pattern, states Nathavut Shivaruchiwong, sector expert at Deutsche Tisco Financial Investment Advisory, a system of Tisco Securities and Deutsche Bank.

Although margins have actually seen a decrease over the previous couple of years, designers continue to take pleasure in an uptrend in specific sections of the residential or commercial property market, specifically in the high-end of the condo market.

Bangkok’s condo market has actually seen supply continue to increase over the previous couple of years, from 102,000 systems with a combined worth of 413 billion baht in 2015 to 110,000 systems worth 382 billion baht to 114,000 systems worth 441 billion baht in 2018.

Throughout 2018 it is anticipated that as lots of as 120,000 systems worth simply over 500 billion baht would be released and about half of the brand-new launches of the condo systems in Bangkok has actually been accommodating the middle to upper section of the marketplace while the other half is for the middle to lower section.

” There are some indications that the middle and listed below sections of the marketplace for the condo market has actually not gotten yet,” Mr Adisorn states.

Chanond Ruangkritya, president and ceo of SET-listed Ananda Advancement Plc, whose portfolio focuses generally on condo market accommodating the middle to the upper end, states that he does not see a circumstance of a demand/supply inequality however rather the focus has actually been on the place and the demographics of each task that is released.


The majority of market specialists think there will be no oversupply however what is plainly noticeable is that the takeup rate has actually been slowing and jobs that utilized to make headings of being offered out within days, if not hours, are hardly ever become aware of nowadays.

” If you take the case of the task you simply pointed out [on Sathon Road], they had actually reported that they were offered out however at the minute about 10% of the systems stay and they are providing discount rates for whatever is left,” states a realty representative and speculator on the residential or commercial property market, who had actually bought systems at this recently opened structure however has actually given that offered out his systems at a premium.

He included what others have actually been speaking about in regards to the takeup rate that it is not on par with what the scenario was a couple of months or years back.

” The days of offering out in a single day do not appear to be there now, and we never ever had those days anyhow due to the fact that we do not anticipate to offer out our task in a day or more, rather we would more than happy to see 30% of our task being offered over a duration of 2 to 3 months,” Mr Adisorn of LH states.

However jobs in great places continue to stay in high need as was seen by the launch of “Supalai Premier Charoen Nakhon” which saw the almost 550 systems offered out within days of the launch.

” If you discuss that task, it was in fact offered out prior to it was up for sale due to the fact that a number of our existing consumers desired it and had actually reserved prior to we opened it to the general public, however due to the fact that we wished to have some percentage for the general public we opened it to the general public to purchase,” Atip Bijanonda, a director at Supalai Plc and likewise the president of the Real estate Service Association, states.

Although he yielded the takeup rate has actually been slowing a little, he states that the problem of oversupply is something that is not noticeable in the market.

Jiraporn Linmaneechote, sector expert at Phatra Securities, states takeup rates are down to 20-80%, with 80% being for truly great jobs, below 100%, which utilized to be the standard.

However the bright side, she states, is that transfer rates continue to stay great, despite the fact that there were reports of an increase in the rejections of applications for real estate home mortgages a couple of months back.

A good takeup rate would imply that supply for the marketplace would continue to stay.

Vichai Viratkapan, acting director-general of the Realty Details Center (REIC), states property supply in 2018 would amount to around 276,100 systems across the country, an increase of 6.2% from 260,000 systems at the end of 2017.

The quantity would make up 154,200 low-rise systems (single homes, townhouses, duplexes and shophouses) which would represent 55.8%. The staying 121,900 systems would be condos.

If broken down by classification then the condo section would be the biggest in number which would represent 44.1%, followed by townhouses (24.3%), single homes (23.5%) and duplexes and shophouses (8.1%).

” This quantity will not show an oversupply as the general absorption rate will stay healthy,” he stated.

According to him the absorption rate of property supply across the country is anticipated to enhance and the existing stock in the market might be soaked up within 15 months, a more positive method than the experts who think that it might use up to 24 months to soak up the existing stock to be offered out if no brand-new systems are included.

REIC approximates that low-rise systems would take 17 months to be offered out, much shorter than a normal rate of 19 months, while condo would take 13 months, a little longer than a normal rate of 12 months.

In Greater Bangkok, property supply would amount to 154,200 systems which would make up 79,900 condo systems and 74,300 low-rise systems, representing 51.2% and 48.8% respectively.

” Condos will continue to control Bangkok’s residential or commercial property market this year, driven by the advancement of brand-new public transportation lines covering broader locations of Greater Bangkok and a modification in individuals’s way of lives,” he states.

In the provinces, the essential market will stay low-rise systems, which would represent 65.5%, he included.

” Residential transfers, which finest show real estate need, have actually been on an upward pattern given that late in 2015. This momentum will continue this year with a boost of 6% in the variety of property transfers nationwide,” states Mr Vichai.

In Greater Bangkok, the variety of property transfers would be greater than the across the country figure, with an increase of 8.6%, while in the provinces that would broaden by just 2%.

Residential or commercial property expert Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) states Bangkok’s condo market experienced successive quarters of yearly development sales as an outcome of enhanced purchasing activity in the market.

The typical takeup rate for the whole year of 2017 leapt to 75.8%, up around 2% year-on-year, which showed more powerful beliefs amongst property buyers. In the 2nd half of 2017, the marketplace saw a typical takeup rate of 76.5%, increasing by 1.4% half-on-half.

New advancements in the main downtown (CBD) were active, with the typical takeup rate rising to 77.4%. Need for high worth systems in the CBD with exceptional requirements had actually revealed strong efficiency, with some designers able to offer up to 80% of their jobs on the launch day.

Likewise, it was seen that need for high-grade jobs with outstanding places and advanced requirements stay of interest, and the purchasers of these residential or commercial properties tended to get them for their own profession or long-lasting capital gratitude.

In the 2nd half of 2017, need for homeownership in the city fringe and peripheral locations was verified due to the extension of public transportation paths.

Purchasers continued to broaden their interest in different places, generally in Ratchadaphisek, Phahon Yothin, Lat Phrao, and On Nut-Bearing. Takeup rates for jobs in the city fringe and periphery were 72.5% and 79.6% respectively.

However regardless of the good take-up rates, REIC states that there were specific sections of the marketplace where the stock stayed high.

According to research study by REIC, the leading 3 system rates which saw the biggest variety of unsold systems since mid-2017 were systems priced 2-3 million baht with 18,743 systems which represented 29% of overall unsold systems.

It was followed by systems priced one to 1.5 million baht with 12,474 systems and 1.5-2 million baht with 10,408 systems.

Worries of such unsold stock had actually triggered issues of possible oversupply and a “bubble”.

” Possibly in some pockets of the nation such as Phuket you can see some oversupply however in other locations I can state that it is not real, not even in Pattaya where up until a couple of months ago one might state that there was an oversupply however the Chinese need in Pattaya has actually assisted to enhance the scenario there,” Mr Atip of Supalai states.


Chinese financiers, who have actually been avoided in lots of parts of the world where they have actually been blamed for developing a synthetic bubble in the residential or commercial property market, have actually been actively taking part in the Thai market.

” If I need to think, they represent about 10% of the general purchases in the mid section of the marketplace,” states Ms Jiraporn from Phatra.

Chinese purchasers who have actually just recently ended up being active in the market for systems priced listed below 10 million baht have actually assisted stimulate need and lower the stock, which Mr Nathavut from Deutsche Tisco expects remains in the tune of almost 200,000 systems or about 1.7 years prior to they are soaked up.

” Foreign purchasers have actually been assisting the marketplace and had it not been for them, the scenario would be even worse,” Mr Adisorn of LH confesses.

However worries that they might develop an issue such as that seen in Australia and Cambodia appears impractical in Thailand as there are constraints on the variety of systems in each structure that immigrants can own.

Chinese purchasers in Australia and Cambodia have actually been blamed for rising the rates of systems to the point that laws were thought about to reduce their involvement in the residential or commercial property market there.

However up until now Chinese purchasers in Thailand have actually mainly have actually remained in the middle section, representing rates of 100,000 to 150,000 baht per square metre, while in the upper end market their involvement continues to stay extremely minimal, hence avoiding a rise in rates like in specific other nations.


Residential or commercial property professional Surachet Kongcheep states the brand-new condo supply in Bangkok amounted to around 56,000 systems in 2017, a development of 44% from 2016, the greatest number in the previous 6 years.

” Designers are positive about acquiring power and Bangkok’s condo market,” he states. “Regardless of the a great deal of brand-new supply, the sales rate was proficient at 65%.”

Lots of jobs were offered out, specifically jobs in an excellent place or with a fascinating principle brought in purchasers regardless of weak financial belief in 2015, he included.

New advancements continued to increase, especially those situated in peripheral locations in line with urban spread along brand-new public transportation lines and minimal accessibility of prime land and high rates of land in the CBD.

An overall of 32,258 systems were released in the 2nd half of in 2015, the greatest brand-new supply taped in 8 quarters. As an outcome, collected condo stock in Bangkok rose to 538,920 systems, an increase of 6.4% half-on-half.

However regardless of the increasing supply, a good takeup rate assisted keep rates steady in lots of locations, Knight Frank states.

It included that the typical market price of all grades of condos released throughout the city in 2017 stood at 153,220 baht per sq m, a boost of 5.9% from 2016. In the 2nd half of 2017 alone, typical market price were 152,371 baht per sq m, up 16.8%.

Typical market price in the CBD stood at 241,585 per sq m, an increase of 5.6% compared to the 2nd half of 2016. Nonetheless, rates for brand-new supply in the CBD was down a little throughout the board when compared to the very first half of 2017.

Due to a shift in the market share of sales far from Sukhumvit and towards other locations such as Withayu, Silom, Sathon and Rama IV, typical rates of brand-new CBD supply decreased 5.24%.

Driven by increasing market price of brand-new additions in the location, the city fringe’s typical rates in the 2nd half was 131,906 baht per sq m, around 0.6% greater than that in the very first half of 2017.

Over the very same duration, typical market price of condos in peripheral locations rose to 83,623 baht per sq m, up from 74,591 baht per sq m in the 2nd half of 2016.

Rates in both the city fringe and periphery visibly skilled yearly gains for successive years, mostly due to greater land rates in those locations, an outcome of brand-new public transportation paths in the city.

On the other hand, offering rates in the city fringe and peripheral zones continued to press up while CBD rates dipped a little by 5.2% half-on-half due to a shift in the market share of sales far from prime Sukhumvit towards other zones.

Typical market price of all brand-new supply throughout the city fall to 154,068 baht per sq m, representing a decline of 1.1% compared to the very first half in 2015.

In 2017, more domestic designers, especially big and skilled gamers in the market partnered with foreign financiers, generally from Japan, China and Hong Kong, in action to broadening need from abroad purchasers and enhancements in building innovation.

The places along brand-new public transportation paths continued to emerge in the spotlight as an outcome of land scarcity and high land rates in the city centre. More designers were likewise considering locations in Ramkhamhaeng, Ram Intra and Thon Buri.

river view: Among the residential or commercial property jobs being built on the banks of the Chao Phraya. Need for top-notch jobs with outstanding places and advanced requirements stay of interest. IMAGE: Patipat Janthong

Bangkok’s condo sector kept healthy momentum in 2017 with the overall variety of brand-new advancements increasing 19% from 2016 to 62,751 systems.

Throughout the 2nd half of 2017 alone, the overall brand-new supply increased 5% to 32,258 systems compared to 30,789 systems in the latter part of 2016. The 2nd half of 2017 revealed favorable development as more condos were released in the CBD.

Some popular jobs were released throughout significant condo zones with the bulk situated in the Sukhumvit location.

Around 6,500 systems were released in the 2nd half of 2017, of which 51% remained in Sukhumvit, followed by 22% in Witthayu-Chidlom and 12% in the Rama IV zone.

Fifteen high-end condo jobs with an overall of 4,777 systems were released in the 2nd half of 2017, a strong boost of 22.8% from 1,091 systems in the very same duration of 2016.

In the 2nd half of 2017, brand-new supply in peripheral locations amounted to 18,732 systems, representing some 58% of the overall supply released in the 2nd half of the year.

Over the very same time, brand-new supply in the city fringe represented 22% of general launches in Bangkok. Popular places for the brand-new additions in the location were Lat Phrao, Ratchadaphisek and Thon Buri.


According to Knight Frank, brand-new public transportation paths will continue to rule property discussions in the coming years as there are a great deal of significant public transport modifications taking place in Bangkok in the future.

Increased competitors is expected in formerly less available zones of Bangkok, specifically along the BTS Light Green Line extension from Mo Chit to Kukot and Bearing to Samrong, the MRT extension from Tao Poon to Thapra and Hua Lamphong, the Pink Line from Kae Rai to Minburi, the Orange Line from Rama IX to Ramkhamhaeng, and the Yellow Line from Lat Phrao to Hua Mak.

” Presently there are 83 stations running. Consisting of those under building, there are 137 stations, and we discover each of these stations carries out as its own market,” states Ananda’s Mr Chanond.

A Few Of them have had a great deal of brand-new condominiums released just recently, while some have not had actually any released close by for a very long time. A few of them have great demographics; more youthful, upwardly mobile individuals.”

He included that his business’s task is to study these 137 markets and launch just in those with a beneficial supply-demand balance.

For instance, he stated: “It’s tough to discover beneficial scenarios along the Purple Line, whereas Sukhumvit Line stations normally carried out ahead of our expectations in 2017 and we anticipate that to continue in 2018”.

The boost in the variety of stations likewise implies there would be a pattern of individuals aiming to take advantage of the greater rental yields.

However Mr Atip of Supalai states that since late, the variety of individuals purchasing for rental yields and possible speculation on earning a profit from reversing and selling has actually decreased.

” We have actually experienced an increase in genuine purchasers instead of rental and speculative purchasers,” Mr Atip states.

” The liquidity of reversing and offering the systems has actually begun to dry and this has actually made a number of them vanish.”

On the supply side, the conventional designers, the majority of who are noted on the stock exchange, have actually begun to witness a decrease in their marker share as brand-new supply from unfamiliar business has actually begun to appear in the market.

Mr Nathavut from Deutsche Tisco states that the handful of designers who have actually been noted on the stock exchange have actually seen their market share decrease from 60% about a years back to about 45% now.

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