The negligent pickup motorist who tore down a British guy on a pedestrian crossing in a hit-and-run event gave up to authorities and checked out the victim to apologise.

The motorist, 61 years of age Maethanat Leeliang, provided himself approximately the authorities after the hit-and-run event in Pattaya. Maethanat informed authorities he was uninformed he had actually struck the immigrant and just learnt when the story went viral on social networks.

Maethanat lagged the wheel of the white Isuzu D-Max pickup that struck 74 years of age British guy Peter Palmer on the zebra crossing on Jomtien Sai Tune Roadway on Wednesday, November 28. Palmer’s body flew up in the air and landed 5 metres far from the effect point. He suffered injuries to his hip and head.

An inspector from Mueng Pattaya Police headquarters exposed to Thairath last night that Maethanat gave up the other day afternoon.

Maethanat firmly insisted to the authorities that he did not indicate to escape, stating he was uninformed he struck the immigrant. He just found out about his action when he discovered the story flowing on social networks.

Authorities took the pickup motorist to the British guy’s condo where he apologised for his negligent driving and assured to look after the treatment expenses.

The motorist was charged with breaking Area 390 of the Lawbreaker Law: driving recklessly and triggering physical or psychological damage to another individual. Maethanat confronts one month in jail, a fine of approximately 10,000 baht, or both.

Palmer stated he valued the assistance he got from Thai netizens and news companies, that made the motorist surrender and take obligation for his actions.

Numerous netizens did not think the motorist’s side of the story stating he would never ever give up if the story was not exposed on social networks. Others explained that the crossing is a mishap hotspot and vehicles seldom pick up pedestrians.

ORIGINAL STORY: British guy hurt in hit-and-run event in Pattaya

A 74 years of age British guy was hurt in a hit-and-run event on the zebra crossing in Pattaya The motorist is on the run.

Peter Palmer was struck by a wreckless pickup motorist as he crossed Jomtien Sai Tune Roadway at 11am the other day. Luckily, the British guy endured and is interesting the Thai media to spread his story so he can find the hazardous motorist and make him pay settlement.

Palmer informed press reporters that he waited on the green guy to flash prior to crossing the roadway at the zebra crossing as recommended by the law. However, as he was midway throughout the roadway, the guy driving the white Isuzu D-Max pickup disregarded the red traffic signal and struck Palmer.

A witness to the event exposed that Palmer’s body flew up in the air prior to being up to the ground. The motorist did not stop to inspect his condition and repelled as if absolutely nothing had actually taken place.

The witness assisted send out Palmer to the medical facility where he had 4 stitches to a head injury while he is experiencing unbearable hip discomfort. He is now awaiting x-ray outcomes to see whether any other parts of his body were broken or hurt.

Palmer stated …

” If the pickup motorist sees me on the news, I want to inform him to surrender himself and look after me. Both vehicle drivers and pedestrians ought to be more mindful when utilizing roadways for the security of everyone.”

Palmer states he will take security electronic camera video to Mueng Pattaya Police Station today and submit a problem.

According to Areas 78 and 160 of the Land Traffic Act, any chauffeurs who trigger damages to another individual or another individual’s possessions and do not stop to supply assistance will deal with jail time of approximately 3 months, a fine from 2,000 to 10,000 baht or both. If the victim was seriously hurt or eliminated, the charge will be harder: approximately 6 months in jail and a 5,000 to 20,000 baht fine.

Hit-and-run mishaps take place frequently in Thailand. A homeless guy in Bangkok was eliminated in a hit-and-run event recently by a BMW motorist who authorities have yet to determine. On the other hand, last month a young female in Chon Buri and a roadway sweeper were likewise eliminated by hit-and-run six-wheel chauffeurs.

Some mishaps took place on zebra crossings where vehicle drivers are anticipated to pick up pedestrians.

Lots of people advise the federal government to be more serious with the country’s negligent hit-and-run case wrongdoers, providing bigger fines and larger jail sentences. Then they may reconsider running a traffic signal.

Hit-and-run Pattaya

Picture by นิราช/ นันทพล ทิพย์ศรี through ข่าวคนชล

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