Jeerawat Rojmaneekorn

Traders’ misfortune turns even worse

Cops are searching for a phony foreteller who preyed upon Pattaya traders, guaranteeing to straighten the feng shui of their outlets and enhance their fortunes prior to swiping 2.3 million baht worth of lorries they let him obtain.

Half a lots victims of the conman, recognized as Jeerawat Rojmaneekorn, 50, grumbled recently to Nong Prue cops in Chon Buri when they understood they had actually been fooled.

Jeerawat handled to trick victims out of 17 bikes and one automobile, primarily on loan. Not long after getting his hands on the lorries, Jeerawat would run away with them, leaving the owners with the problem of paying back the funding financial obligation. Reports state overall damages concern 2.3 million baht.

Reports state Jeerawat, who gowns in red and gold to communicate the image of a Chinese professional in horoscopes and has the present of the gab, would reach victims, a few of them Pattaya bar owners, and strike up a relationship.

Some victims were having problem with bad sales at the time, and succumbed to his line that their outlet’s feng shui was incorrect. He would use to straighten it, carry out an event decorated with phony gold and food offerings to the gods, and later on take the opportunity to encourage the owners to part with lorries.

One victim, Charoenrat, states Jeerawat fooled him out of a Mazda 3 worth 1.1 million baht. He stated he established a spririt home at his house and asked Jeerawat to inspect its feng shui. Jeerawat carried out an event for his location and stated he ought to move his name onto the title deed. He likewise asked to sleep at your house for 3 nights to look for the spirits’ forgiveness.

Later on, Charoenrat revealed he wished to purchase a cars and truck as a present for his boy, who was completing his research studies. Jeerawat stated he understood of a caryard in Bangkok and provided to make contact for him. In September, he stated he would require a deposit of 50,000 baht for the Mazda, and had him transfer authoriity to choose it up.

” A week later on, he drove the automobile to my location, however stated he had no lorry of his own and asked to obtain it. I concurred. In December he stated the Mazda had actually remained in a scrape and took it in for repair work. Later on, when I asked after the lorry, he stated somebody had actually snatched it. On March 4, he vanished, and I was entrusted to back payments of 14,000 baht a month and no automobile,” Charoenrat stated.

Another victim, Kittiya, stated she purchased a bike worth 160,000 baht last August. Jeerawat declared the red and black colours of her bike were unfortunate and he would get the lorry engraved with Chinese lettering to fend off threat. When she went to recover the bike, he asked to obtain it and take control of payments. She let him, as she had numerous other bikes, and he had actually provided to repair her beer bar’s feng shui, which he declared was functioning as a drag on sales.

Later on, he declared he had actually provided her bike to a caryard which rented the lorry out to immigrants. He made one payment of 4,000 baht in December prior to vanishing with the bike.

Krissana, another victim, stated she lost a Honda Click worth 77,000 baht to Jeerawat’s shrewd. He made simply 5 payments, leaving her with another 24 payments of 2,570 a month.

In a minute of uncommon candour, Jeerawat stated he could not purchase a car himself as he was as soon as apprehended for burglary. She took it out for him, and is now burdened the financial obligation problem and no bike. She did not think her life has actually enhanced considering that he repaired her stars.

Another victim, Auna, who stated she fulfilled Jeerawat at a time when sales from her company were sluggish, stated she lost a motorbike worth 130,000 baht. She stated Jeerawat declared the registration of her bike was unfortunate as it included an absolutely no. He took the bike to get the registration altered to consist of an “8” and engraved with Chinese lettering.

He asked to obtain the bike to buy items he would require for a spiritual event however stopped working to return it. “Lastly he declared the lorry was associated with a mishap and took it in for repair work however later on vanished,” she stated.

Another victim, Worapoj “Aun” Weerapan, 35, states Jeerawat fabricated leasehold documents for his beer bar and with them obtained 90,000 baht from underground lending institutions. He discovered the financial obligation when collectors showed up at his bar. His bar in Pattaya remained in problem, and he put an advertisement on Facebook using to rent it. He stated Jeerawat reached him on FB and provided to carry out an event to enhance its feng shui. Later on, he removed with the ownership documents. He likewise added a 20,000 baht costs for alcohol in his name.

Nong Prue cops chief Pol Col Chiddecha Songhong stated cops are preparing to look for an arrest warrant for Jeerawat, whom he stated has an exceptional warrant for scams in Nong Khai from numerous years back.

Drowsy store hosts afraid burglar

Netizens are admiring how a newbie gold store burglar handled to stroll undisputed into a gold store in Trat using a motorbike helmet, seconds prior to threatening a team member with a homemade weapon.

Security video footage drawn from inside the Yaowarat Gold Store in Muang district on Tuesday reveals the young burglar bring up on a motorbike outside the store, and calmly getting in with his helmet still on. A team member is revealed gradually increasing to her feet as if to serve him. Seconds later on the burglar takes out a weapon and needs she turn over the gold.

Off-camera, an alert team member encounters the back space and sounds an alarm connected to the regional police headquarters. The alarm triggers an ear-splitting siren, which sends out the boy into a panic.

He is revealed rushing out the store, stumbling and nearly putting his head through the glass door as he does so. Report state he damp himself in his panic and slipped on his own urine path.

The video footage reveals the boy, who left empty-handed, scampering on his bike, later on discovered deserted on a forest roadway. Cops state it had no registration plate and had actually just recently been spray-painted red to camouflage its genuine colour. The burglar’s gloves, shoes and coat remained in the under-seat compartment.

The next day, having actually seen promotion of the stopped working burglary, family members of the boy brought him in to the cops. They charged Nareunat “Paeb” Kaemnum, 23, from Samran beach district, with tried burglary. He informed them he was worried after just recently losing his task. He obtained the bike for the burglary from his sweetheart’s older sis; the weapon, which he deserted near his rental house, was his own.

Security video footage drawn from inside the Yaowarat Gold Store in Muang, Trat.

On the web, netizens asked why the team member did not instantly ask the boy to remove his helmet. Others recommended gold stores must instal automated doors which can be locked by personnel inside at the very first indication of problem.

” The female behind counter looks too cool to be real. If it was me and I saw somebody get in with a motorbike helmet on, I ‘d understand he existed to take the gold,” one composed.

The team member informed the media she believed he was a normal client, although she questioned why he kept his helmet on. He likewise used a hygienic mask beneath, though it was pulled to one side.

On a more funny note, netizens recommended the boy return to “burglary school” so he can discover how it’s done. “He was vibrant adequate to rob a gold store, however got away when the siren went off?” one asked. “Amazing.” Others stated his absence of ability offered all gold store burglars a bad name.

‘ Python’ gets brand-new lease on life

Sek Loso’s previous live-in enthusiast, design Apisaya “Eve” Pattanaworasap, has actually stepped up her legal action versus the rocker’s ex-wife and her previous sideckick, after they required her out of Sek’s house in 2015.

Apisaya ‘Eve’ Pattanaworasap and inset, Sek Loso

Eve recently went to the Lawbreaker Court in Minutes Buri to pursue among a handful of libel cases she is taking versus Sek’s ex-wife Wiphakorn “Kan” Sukpimai, mom to his 3 earliest kids, and Sek’s 2nd spouse, Paphada “Sandwich” Chotikawanitch.

Kan and previous Channel 7 starlet Sandwich, who have actually considering that fallen out– simply as Kan fell out with design Eve prior to her– ganged up to require Eve from Sek’s house last August, relaying the expulsion on Facebook live. Kan at first stated that she and Sandwich would cohabit with Sek, assisting the ailling rocker restore his drooping profession after a fight with bipolar illness.

Sek Loso

Nevertheless, Sandwich later on vacated with her young boy, Leon, after Kan challenged the starlet to get the kid’s DNA evaluated in the middle of doubts over whether Sek is the daddy.

Critics state Kan is manoeuvering herself back into lead as Sek’s primary caretaker and partner. The rocker has actually stated little about the conflict.

On the other hand, Eve stated she showed up at the court recently to push libel claims originating from her expulsion, in which Kan made uncomplimentary remarks about her on FB and later on turned her remarks throughout the drama into a satirical tune.

She stated she invited the court’s choice to accept the case in its whole, which will now continue to a hearing on April 9 in which both Kan and Sandwich will need to affirm. Just one, Sandwich, showed up recently. She emerged from the court house looking dissatisfied and declined to speak to the media.

Eve’s cases versus the set will unfold in numerous courts. On May 18 the Wrongdoer Court in Ratchada will analyze a character assassination case originating from Kan’s tune, which Eve states libels her. Then, on June 11 and 12, the court will hear a case over remarks in which Kan described Eve as a lazy python, living off Sek’s riches. Kan, who has actually formerly shaken off her mounting legal difficulties, has yet to comment.

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