At the police headquarters, the 2 households taken part in a heated argument over the quarrel and slapping occurrence at a football field on Soi Khopai.

A French fighter slapped a 12-year-old lady who smacked his child throughout football practice.
Mom Pranom Padjantuk 43, took the lady to Pattaya police headquarters following the occurrence at a football field on Soi Khopai Jan. 30.

She stated the kids were playing football and the lady and French kid entered an argument. Throughout the quarrel, the lady “unintentionally” struck the kid, Pranom stated.

The lady attempted to ask forgiveness, his mom stated, however the dad, an unknown French fighter, slapped the lady in the face in retaliation.

Pranom stated her child’s ear was hurt by the male’s slap and desired child-abuse charges submitted versus the immigrant.

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