Franz Eibl, the 83-year old German hugs his friend as he sits stunned at the area where he stepped on thin plywood covering the manhole into which he fell, hurting his left leg.

A German guy stepped fell under a Pattaya drain after plunging through plywood left on the open manhole.

Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Structure rescuers concerned the help of the victim at the Rai Wanasin Market on Siam Nation Club Roadway Feb. 22.

Franz Eibl, 83, was resting on the edge of the manhole by the time they showed up, having actually been taken out by witnesses. His left leg was hurt.

Market suppliers stated the top of the drain was covered with thin plywood just. Formerly, they had actually cautioned market management about the risk it postured, however absolutely nothing was done.

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