It would have been an acceptable result for the Prayut Chan-o-cha federal government had actually there been no reports about Ekachai Hongkawan, a political activist, being handled a “journey” by authorities to Chon Buri and Pattaya to “avoid him staging a demonstration” throughout the Asean Top.

The journey, which started on Nov 2, was exposed by political activist Anurak Jeantawanich and later on got by a couple of media outlets.

Throughout the journey, Mr Ekachai published on Facebook images of himself in numerous areas– traveler locations. After getting back on Nov 4, he sardonically offered more information about the entire journey.

This was not the very first time Mr Ekachai, 42, has actually been taken sightseeing in what seems another outright act of intimidation by the state.

In 2017, the activist was accompanied by soldiers to Kanchanaburi on a five-day “vacation” as the country was getting ready for a crucial event.

Although the Chon Buri and Pattaya journey, in which he was signed up with by members of a law enforcement officer’s household, did not look like intimidatory as the one in 2017, it was still coercive in all its intent and an acne on the nation’s currently bad human rights record.

This was likewise the very first act of browbeating versus Mr Ekachai– understood for his function in acting on the watch scandal including Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon– considering that being attacked on Might 13 in an attack that left him seriously hurt.

In addition to Mr Ekachai, other political activists like Sirawith “Ja New” Seritiwat, and Mr Anurak himself have actually been victims of violence and intimidation while performing political projects over the previous couple of years.

They were attacked a number of times by unidentified assaulters, the majority of whom were never ever captured, while the masterminds were never ever recognized by authorities who shamefully dragged their feet.

In action to the last attack that seriously hurt Mr Sirawith on June 28, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit, other ministers and senior law enforcement officers promised to capture those accountable.

These pledges, like all the others, have actually vaporized without any development having actually been made in cases which are extremely most likely to be politically inspired.

Mr Ekachai stated on Facebook the other day he thought the Pattaya-Chon Buri journey was most likely staged since the federal government wished to avoid him triggering problem throughout the top– however he rejected having such a strategy.

If he wished to make mischief the state had all the legal systems to handle him, however rather of observing the law, the authorities did otherwise.

The state had no validation in performing such a disgraceful act which, in spite of leading to no physical damage, still denied Mr Ekachai of his flexibility.

This protested the law and a gross infraction of his human rights.

The federal government has actually boasted on a number of celebrations that it pertained to power through democratic methods, specifically an election, however democracy includes more than that.

In a really democratic system, there need to be space for individuals to reveal various viewpoints in a tranquil method.

Efforts to silence somebody by any methods are not appropriate and it would be not a surprise if this nation’s ranking for human rights security slips even more. If it does, the federal government will just have itself to blame.


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