A motorbike taxi rider in Pattaya was jailed today after he presumably sexually pestered his guest, a Thai vocalist calledYanawut “Pearja” Jarearnartiput The taxi rider rejected the accusation declaring he touched the female in an effort to keep her from falling off his bike.

Last Saturday, November 26, 31 years of age vocalist Pearja published videos of the occurrence on her Facebook account, exposing to netizens that she was sexually pestered while taking a motorbike taxi in Pattaya.

Pearja stated she had a program at a bar on Pattaya Strolling Street and chose to get on a motorbike taxi since the fireworks celebration triggered traffic congestion. While she was on the bike, the rider put among his hands on her leg. He rubbed and squeezed her leg along the method.

Initially, Pearja believed the rider was stressed that her knee would run into other vehicles since the roadway was crowded. Nevertheless, she altered her mind after the rider began to move his bottom backward and forward and groan.

Pearja included that the taxi rider took a dark and peaceful path rather of the normal path taken by bike taxis in the location.

Pearja attempted to stop his action. She asked him to stop and strike his hand. The rider took his hand off for a minute however put it back on her leg with no embarassment. She stated she was scared and did not understand what she ought to do. She tolerated the revolting action till she got to her location and later on submitted a grievance with the authorities.

The 35 years of age bike taxi rider, Sittisak (surname scheduled), was jailed today, November 28. Sittisak was taking methamphetamine tablets, typically referred to as Yaba, when authorities jailed him at his home. He normally offers a service to guests in front of Mike Shopping center.

Sittisak confessed that the bike taxi included in Pearja’s videos was him, however he declined to acknowledge the sexually bothering allegation. He stated he held Pearja since he was stressed that the female would fall from his bike.

Sittisak remained in authorities custody, waiting for more questioning since he was high up on meth and could not offer any helpful info.

At first, Sittisak deals with 3 charges:

  • Area 278 of the Wrongdoer Law: threatening or doing any act of violence versus an individual over 15 years of ages when that individual remains in a state incapable of withstanding. The charge will be jail time for approximately ten years, a fine of approximately 200,000 baht, or both.
  • Areas 97 and 91 of the Narcotics Act: utilizing Narcotics Classification 1 drugs. The charge will be jail time from 6 months to 3 years, a fine from 10,000 to 60,000 baht, or both.
  • Area 43 of the Land Transportation Act: utilizing Narcotics Classification 1 drugs while driving. The charge will be one in 3 greater than those recommended in Areas 97 and 91 of the Narcotics Act.

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