The back of the McLaren 720S was harmed in the crash. (Pictures by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

A pickup chauffeur totally thanked the owner of a McLaren worth about 30 million baht for forgiving him after he rear-ended the supercar.

Weerapong Thongchum, 29, informed press reporters that he was driving at speed and was not able to drop in time when he came across a traffic congestion. His truck skidded sideways, its front striking a Toyota Camry … and its rear slamming into the back of a new McLaren.

Mr Weerapong stated he got out of his truck and apologised to the chauffeurs of the 2 automobiles he struck. He stated the owner of the supercar was not upset at him, however simply encouraged him to drive more thoroughly.

The supercar owner likewise informed him that he was fortunate, stating that if he had actually struck somebody else, he may have dealt with severe repercussions.

Facebook user Werayut Kaewkaew published a control panel video of the crash on Saturday. The mishap took place on Highway 7 (Bangkok-Chon Buri freeway) near Pattaya on Saturday.

Media reported the hit supercar was just the 3rd McLaren 720S in the nation.

The pickup’s chauffeur reveals a damage on its front after the crash.

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