Grilled seahorses on sale for 150 baht each at the Pattaya Drifting Market. Picture by Chaiyot Pupattanapong

The Fisheries Department prepares to forbid the fishing of seahorses in Thai waters after the little marine fish were discovered grilled on skewers for sale to Chinese travelers at a drifting market in Pattaya.

The department has actually sent out authorities to examine whether they were farmed or fished from the wild, stated its deputy director-general, Umaporn Pimolbutr.

Up until that is validated, suppliers have actually been advised not to offer them, she included.

Thailand accepted suspend trading seahorses with other nations at a conference of the Convention on International Sell Endangered Types of Wild Animal and Plants (MENTIONS) in 2016.

However although it pledged to keep the restriction in location till the authorities had actually discovered a sustainable method to offer them abroad without harming their wild populations, it is still legal to offer dead seahorses in the nation.

” It is not a safeguarded types yet,” Ms Umaporn stated.

” Today we can’t push any charges versus domestic traders however the department prepares to provide a restriction on fishing for seahorses in all Thai waters quickly.

” This indicates anglers and trawlers will not have the ability to target them mainly. They can just offer them if they are captured inadvertently.”

Mrs Umaporn stated the proposed procedure is still too weak to totally get rid of trading however it need to provide the types breathing space to repopulate to sustainable levels. “Noting seahorses as a safeguarded types is not the very best service since that would punish all trawlers that capture them by mishap,” she stated.

Initial research study recommends that numerous countless seahorses are scooped up wrongly by Thai trawlers each year while fishing for other marine types.

The Fisheries Department does not need to include all seahorse types to its list of safeguarded types however it need to include those dealing with the danger of termination such as the spiny seahorse, according to Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine ecologist and speaker at Kasetsart University.

” Seahorses are essential to the marine community since they assist stabilize the amount of plankton on the seabed,” he stated. “If they keep being captured in such great deals and offered commercially it will impact the whole marine food cycle.”

Mr Thon stated Chinese travelers are the primary purchasers in Thailand as they think taking in the animal can provide alleviative powers and fight impotence.

” Countless Chinese travelers go to Thailand every year so if we begin to use them seahorse items need would increase quickly,” he stated.

The seafood stall in Pattaya was at first bought to stop offering grilled seahorses and is now being closed down after pictures emerged on social networks revealing the unique treat being offered on sticks for 150 baht each.

Paisi Worawong, the supplier, stated she had actually been offering the seahorses for the previous month. She purchased them from a medication store in Yaowarat (Bangkok’s China Town).

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