Guard Chokchai Sukree was apprehended for taking 8 iPads worth 120,000 baht from his company who he was worked with to safeguard.

A Sattahip security personnel was apprehended for taking 120,000 baht worth of electronic devices from the business he was paid to safeguard.

Chokchai Sukree, 29, was collared at his apartment or condo Feb. 22 with authorities finding 8 Apple iPads taken from his company, the Sattahip branch of Toyota Pattaya 1998 Business.

Authorities stated Chokchai admitted to the theft, stating he disconnected closed-circuit video cameras prior to taking the iPads around 7 a.m.

Chokchai supposedly stated he took the tablets to offer, as he does not make sufficient cash to support the way of life he desires. The cash was planned to pay the month-to-month installations for his brand-new motorcycle.

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