Amidst bursts of laughter and playful shouts, a group of tourists armed with water guns eagerly engage in the lively water festivities, contributing to the vibrant energy along the bustling streets of Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Songkran Festival in Pattaya burst into life on April 12, with an explosion of water play as both local residents and international tourists converged upon the city to partake in the vibrant festivities. Reports from news correspondents on the ground paint a picture of bustling streets, particularly along Beach Road at Soi 6, 7, and 8, where throngs of people engaged in spirited water battles, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement throughout the city.

Compared to preceding days, the influx of tourists joining the Songkran revelry has seen a remarkable surge. Notably, alongside the traditional participation of bar staff with their patrons, there was a noticeable presence of foreign tourists armed with water guns. Additionally, Thai tourists were seen driving pickup trucks adorned with water gun tanks, adding to the festive ambiance by showering joyful splashes of water across Pattaya’s streets.

Anticipation is palpable for the upcoming Songkran days on April 18 and 19, locally referred to as ‘Wan Lai’, with expectations running high for an even larger turnout of locals and tourists. Estimates suggest that approximately 20,000-30,000 people, both local and foreign, are expected to descend upon Pattaya during these days, further solidifying the city’s reputation as a premier destination for Songkran celebrations.

Locals and tourists, clad in brightly colored attire, joyously join together in the spirited water battles that mark the commencement of Songkran celebrations on Pattaya Beach Road.

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