The distressed mom holds her 3-year old child whose leg was broken when a pickup struck her while revoking a parking area.

A 3-year-old broke her leg when she was struck by a pickup in Pattaya.

The young child was shouting was she was sent out with her sobbing mom to Banglamung Health center March 11.

Pickup motorist Rattanapol Pimpala, 28, stated he had actually simply utilized an ATM at the scene of the mishap and started revoking the car park when he believed he struck a speed bump. Then he heard the woman weeping and stopped.

The young child’s unknown mom confessed she wasn’t holding her child’s hand as she utilized the ATM herself. She presumed the woman would remain close, not stray.

The sobbing mom watches as paramedics put a splint on the regrettable woman’s leg prior to hurrying her off to the Banglamung Health center.

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