Pattaya night Bazaar is one of the rewarding “experiences” when visitors come to the beautiful country of Thailand. Visiting Thailand, in addition to the famous beautiful attractions, tourists can also freely shop and explore the most crowded markets and shopping centers in Southeast Asia.

Unlike other street markets in the city, Pattaya Night Bazaar night market is symbolized as the charm of local products. This is a street shopping area worth visiting in Pattaya, Thailand.

Located opposite Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Night Bazaar has a large warehouse with extremely rich merchandise. There are more than 250 stalls and shops that make this closed street market a destination for shopping addicts of both domestic and foreign visitors. Pattaya Night Bazaar has a good location and can be easily recognizable which is right opposite the largest shopping center in the city- Pattaya Night Market.

From the outside, it looks like a lot of any other merchandise store. However, when tourists step inside, you will feel surprised. There are dozens of small shops packed inside the market and located along the small path with each store selling their own products and goods.

However, the aisles are large enough for tourists to walk freely so you won’t feel overwhelming while shopping at Night Bazaar. At each store, visitors can find a wide range of goods on offer such as: tourist souvenirs, clothes, bags, luggage, sunglasses, hats and all sorts of items.

The market is open all day and night so tourists can save a little time to stop by this destination at any moment of your day. During the day the light shining through the window near the roof makes Bazaar feel very welcome to tourists. Meanwhile, it is truly a night destination attracting countless tourists with bright signs on the front of the building.

Pattaya Night Bazaar is also known as the “Made in Thailand” market with 90% of the goods sold here are local handicrafts, which is very suitable to get as gifts or souvenirs for friends and family. Some of the suggestions for tourists are Chut thai (traditional Thai costumes), Benjarong ceramics, Buddha statues, embroidered bags/ purses, fridge magnets and many more.

Pattaya Night Bazaar is primarily aimed at the market for tourists so you can easily get a lot of products from handmade fabrics, accessories, and hats to unique beach items. It is also a good place to stock up on Thailand snacks and summer clothes.

Other popular items for sale are T-shirts, shorts, jeans, bags, luggage, sunglasses, scented soaps, scarves, shoes and a variety of other jewellery. Some lounge pants and comfy t-shirts are pretty famous here too.

Since this is a market, products are sold at wholesale prices too. Therefore, it is more favourable if tourists travel in groups or buy items in large quantities. For example, one shirt is normally sold at a price of 100 baht. But if tourists buy 3 shirts, you can get an ideal price of 200 baht for 3 items. This means, in the end, you get one for approximately 70 baht as a discount of 30% each.

Tourists can also feel free to bargain to get their favourite item at the best price. Remember not to bargain early in the morning, this is a golden rule you need to keep in mind whenever shopping at any market in Asia.

After immersing yourself in the vibrant shopping spree of the Night Bazaar, tourists can walk along the nearby streets to discover the surrounding neighbourhood. The market is situated near Pattaya beach, so it is very easy and convenient to wander along the coast, have fun and enjoy the wonderful food after shopping at Pattaya Night Bazaar.

Tourists can get to the Pattaya Night Bazaar through various means of transportation. First and foremost, tourists can rent motorbikes by the day at a fairly cheap price.

With a motorbike, you can travel between different destinations in Pattaya city easily, including the Night Bazaar, the experience is rewarding as well. From the city center, it takes only 6 minutes to arrive at the market.

The fastest way to reach Pattaya Night Bazaar is by taxi or grab. Grab is relatively cheaper, with an average fee of about 170 to 180 Baht, depending on the time of the day you book a grab car. Try to avoid rush hours since the price is pretty expensive during this time.

The opening time of Pattaya Night Bazaar is from 11am to midnight. The best time to shop is in the afternoon, around 3-4pm. This is the time when lots of clothes, shoes and accessories are restocked with full of sizes and colors for tourists to choose.

Tourists are recommended to fill your stomach before exploring Pattaya Night Bazaar because you can find no food stall within the market’s area.

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