Colosseum program is the current and biggest cabaret program in Pattaya. The spectacular, energetic program filled with glamour and glamour showcases the cultures from numerous nations around the globe. The one hour program is a mix of conventional and contemporary acts, from amusing to cultural and classy.

Enjoyable program to look for grownups and kids

Using lavish gowns in lively colors, the ladyboy or “kathoey” dancers and vocalists carry out 16 acts, a diverse program consisting of pop, Bollywood and Broadway. The amusing program with music, dance, glamour and funny is enjoyable to look for both grownups and kids.

Ladyboy entertainers

The dancers and vocalists are ladyboys or “kathoeys”. Using dress in intense colors, a few of them look so great, it is difficult to think they were born as males.

Long eyelashes & & fancy makeup

The cabaret program is an extravaganza of long eyelashes, fancy makeup, hair pieces and ostrich plumes. Using sparkly dress with plumes and spangle, the ladyboy entertainers produce and lavish program with spectacular sets, vibrant outfits and fancy makeup.

Set styles

The set styles and props look expert and lovely. With every act the phase scene modifications. You will see to name a few the Roman amphitheater, an Indian street scene for the Bollywood act and a scene in Vietnam for the “Xuan Ken Re” act.

Colosseum Show Pattaya

Beautiful & classy act

The theater

The theater structure is a restoration of the Colosseum, the Roman amphitheater that was constructed 2,000 years back in Rome, Italy. The big, contemporary theater seats over a thousand viewers. Its semicircular seating makes sure that each visitor has great views of the big phase. The theater is geared up with an expert light and stereo.

16 Acts

The well choreographed program provides a diverse program, a mix of drama and funny, from ladyboy cabaret to Bollywood and Broadway. Sixteen acts display dance, music and culture of nations from around the world like Italy, Thailand, Korea, India, China and Vietnam. With every act the props and backgrounds modification.

The opening act
The opening act “The Love around you” is embeded in ancient Rome, including dancers and Roman warriors versus a background of the interior of the Colosseum amphitheater.

Asian acts
” Wonder ASEAN” commemorates the charm of the females of the 10 ASEAN states. The dancers using lovely conventional gown of each nation take part in an appeal contest.

” Xuan Ken Re” informs the story of the establishing love of a girl. It includes a street scene with rickshaws and lovely and vibrant conventional Vietnamese gowns.

” The Pledge” is a Korean act including a number of lots dancers and conventional music.

” Body And Soul”, a Chinese act versus the background of the Mausoleum of the very first Qin emperor, well-known from the Terracotta warrior army.

...Interaction with the audience in the “Mambo Italiano” act .

Interaction with the audience
” Mambo Italiano” act

” Love on the top “, a modern act including the Beyoncé tune Love on Top.

” Blestyaschie “is an Indian act versus the background of an Indian city street scene. A romance establishing after a crash of 2 rickshaws on the street. It provides Bollywood design dancing and singing.

Other acts
” Time to state Great Bye” informs the story about a Goddess in the world. An angel boils down and assists the Goddess to go back to Paradise.

” Sawasdee” is a classy show a number of lots dancers. The primary dancer emerges from a huge lotus flower.

” Mambo Italiano”, an amusing show involvement from the audience. The dancer endeavors in between the very first rows of the theater and engages a number of individuals in the audience.

Other acts are “Love of Munni”, “Kiss me Another”, “Take me to Paradise” and “She’s a Woman”.

The closing act
The closing act “You will remain in my mind”, the grand ending including a jazzy dance.

Your image with the ladyboy dancers

After the program the entertainers line up outside the Colosseum theater. Make your image with them versus the background of the Colosseum water fountains.
Tips of 50 to 100 Baht are anticipated per dancer in the image.

A colorful and elegant performance at Colosseum Cabaret Show .

A classy efficiency


The Colosseum theater lies in Jomtien on Thep Prasit roadway in between Soi 13 and Soi 15.

How to arrive

It can quickly be reached by tuk tuk, taxi or songthaew.

To arrive by songthaew head to the corner of South Pattaya roadway and Pattaya 2 nd roadway. Get on a songthaew towards Jomtien. Leave at the crossway with Thep Prasit roadway. From there take a songthaew on Thep Prasit roadway towards Sukhumvit roadway. After about one kilometer you will see the theater simply previous Soi 15.

Throughout the street is a night market with food and beverages.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Automobile

Program times

There are 3 programs daily.
Times are 18:00, 19:30 and 21:00.

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