Authorities and security personnel are surprised regarding the location of the No Parking indications, rather they money numerous motorcycles parked along Soi Buakhao outside Tree Town food and bar complex.

10 months of parking “crackdowns” have actually stopped working to do anything to enhance traffic around the Tree Town Market.

Authorities just recently had actually put “no parking” indications outside the Soi Buakhao food and bar complex, targeted at the numerous motorcycles that parked on the narrow street, developing blockage.

Yet on Feb. 24, the indications were gone and the bikes were back.
Tree Town management rejected any understanding about the location of the indications.

Parking, security and illness control have actually been persistent issues at Tree Town given that it took off in appeal throughout the pandemic. A single person was eliminated there in 2015, it’s the scene of continuous battles and was the center of Pattaya’s last Covid-19 break out.

Parking has actually been a continuous headache, with authorities assuring a “crackdown” last April. 2 months later on, another such effort was introduced, after the very first one stopped working. And now, 7 months after that, it’s still an issue.

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