A lady takes her cherished feline to be immunized versus rabies at Wat Thamsamakee Temple.

Pattaya introduced its newest mobile family pet center, using totally free vaccines and sanitation services.

The Feb. 24 occasion at Wat Thamsamakee Temple supplied rabies vaccines to healthy canines or felines order than 3 months.

Sanitation was used to Thai type canines and felines over 6 months old, although households were restricted to 2 female canines in one go to. There was no limitation on felines or male canines.

The mobile centers routine deal rabies vaccinations, tick-flea injections, sanitation and contraceptive shots.

Felines rest in a row after going through a pain-free sanitation treatment.
All family pets dislike going to the veterinarian, so they need to be coaxed or brought into the center.

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