Rental storage is removing in the city

i-Store, a rental storage service, has 2 branches for individual and service functions.

City life can often seem like being crushed sardines in a tin box, where living and storage area is narrow and restricted.

However this annoyance provides a company chance to provide area for storage and important possessions, with 24/7 security and simple transportation gain access to.

Storage area leasing has actually been a company in the United States for more than 60 years, for 20 and ten years in Hong Kong and Singapore, respectively.

For Thailand, it has actually been around less than a years.

Pakdee Anivat, president and creator of Storage Asia Co, sees development chances in the section.

With a company endeavor in mind, Mr Pakdee left his task at an IT information centre to develop Storage Asia, running under the i-Store brand name.


i-Store opened its very first branch in Silom district a year earlier, and released a 2nd branch in Sukhumvit Soi 24 4 months earlier.

The tenancy rate for rental storage area at the Silom branch is around 60% and 30% for the Sukhumvit Soi 24 branch.

In Hong Kong, where need for rental storage is high, there are around 400 centers for rental storage, with Singapore having around 100 centers, stated Mr Pakdee.

i-Store, a rental storage service. (no image credit)

Thailand has about 15 centers and 10 brand names, mainly situated in Bangkok, with one located in Phuket and 2 centers in Pattaya.

” We save every great other than prohibited products such as drugs, weapons and dynamites,” he stated.

” Lots of people have actually brought products with nostalgic worth to them for individual storage, while others have actually brought elegant possessions such as cars to save for security factors as we have 16 closed-circuit cams and 24-hour guard in location.”

Individual rental area comprises 60% of our offering, with the rest for online organizations and suppliers, stated Mr Pakdee. Immigrants comprise 60% of the customers, while 40% are Thais.

” i-Store is a premium storage company to keep ownerships in Thailand. The benefit of consumers is our centerpiece. i-Store lies in Bangkok’s main downtown [CBD], which is extremely practical for transportation,” he stated.


Pakdee Anivat, president and creator of Storage Asia Co Ltd (no image credit)

i-Store has services for 4 kinds of storage– individual storage, service storage, red wine storage and box storage.

Individual storage mainly serves customers who are going through residential or commercial property moving or sales of homes or condominiums.

” If you want to have more living area by reorganizing things that you seldom utilize or you want to move, you can keep some possessions with us for the brief or long term. Storeroom have services from 0.5 square metres to 18 sq m, with rental areas beginning with 900-20,000 baht each month,” stated Mr Pakdee.

For service storage, the business’s strength is its CBD place, that makes carrying products easier. Day-and-night security likewise contributes to the appeal for online and offline organizations to shop items and provide them to receivers from storage websites.

i-Store likewise has temperature-controlled spaces with basic humidity control systems for its red wine storage.

For box storage, customers can sign up for an account and order a box. The business will then send out blue plastic storage boxes and customers will load products and upload images to their accounts. A cable television tie is likewise supplied.

Customers can log into their accounts to schedule the return date when they require their products back.


Mr Pakdee stated the business prepares to include 3-4 branches each year and targets running an overall of 20 branches over the next 5 years.

Self-investment and franchising will be utilized for service development, he stated.

Storage Asia has paid-up capital of 51 million baht and the business prepares to increase capital to 100 million by looking for brand-new financing sources such as equity capital, angel funds, or personal equity to sign up with the job.

” If any equity capital companies see the possible development of this service, we are open for settlements,” stated Mr Pakdee.

Storage Asia is a start-up noted on Live, a financing website and securities trading platform for small companies monitored by the Stock market of Thailand.

The business likewise prepares to note on the marketplace for Option Financial investment index in the next 4 years.

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