Paramedics administered first aid to a woman who claimed she had been assaulted by an Indian tourist on Pattaya Beach, before transporting her to a nearby hospital.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In the evening of July 6, a bloodied woman ran to the front of a convenience store at the entrance of Soi 13/1 on Pattaya Beach Road, crying loudly that she had been assaulted by an Indian tourist on the beach.

Paramedics found the injured person, identified as 20-year-old Natthawadee in a state of apparent intoxication, lying on the ground and crying for help, with a facial injury. Passers-by provided immediate assistance while rescue volunteers administered first aid and subsequently transported her to a nearby hospital.

Kornphin, a 22-year-old bystander who aided Natthawadee, recounted the incident: “The injured woman ran from the beach area seeking help, claiming she had been assaulted by a foreign tourist from India. Her face was covered in blood, so I helped to clean her wounds and called the rescue team.”

Initially, police advised the victim to seek medical treatment at the hospital. Once her condition improves, she is expected to file a formal complaint at Pattaya City Police Station. Investigators will review CCTV footage from the area to ascertain the identity of the perpetrator and precise circumstances surrounding the incident.

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