Typical location management cost (web cam cost) is a much-discussed subject amongst designers, financiers, owners, tenants, representatives and management suppliers, all of whom have a perspective on it.

Gathered from the overall sellable/leasable location within a home, a camera cost is the primary source of fund utilized to run and handle the home. This covers such things as typical location energy expenses, security, cleansing, landscaping, management personnel, bug control, and engineering upkeep etc.

web cam costs can differ upon lots of elements such as property types, classes and sizes.

Office complex usually need a greater web cam cost (frequently described as a service fee or belongs to the service fee) than domestic advancements. This is since business expenses are significantly greater in office complex due to the large size of the structures and the truth they have a lot more complicated systems such as cooled water supply, big carparks and fairly larger mechanical and electrical devices.

For domestic condos, web cam costs differ throughout the various sections. In Bangkok, present costs vary in between 35 and 45 baht per square metre in the mid- to low-end sections, 50 and 65 baht in the upper-mid bracket, 65 baht and 80 baht for the high-end sector, and 80 baht to 160 baht in the high-end and ultra-luxury sections.

Certainly, higher-class condos need a greater web cam cost as the majority of them offer higher levels of services, and the maintenance and upkeep of the structure need more attention and better-trained workers to care for the structure and satisfy the co-owners’ expectations that are usually greater.

In resort locations like Phuket, web cam costs for condo advancements can be greater. Due to fairly smaller sized sizes in basic, many condo structures in Phuket have less location to gather earnings from while offering the very same or comparable levels of centers. Additionally, the expense of staffing is inflated since competitors for knowledgeable workforce is high as the island is a traveler location.

In Pattaya, as the structures are usually larger than those in Phuket, an affordable rate of web cam cost for a mid-level-grade condo would remain in the area of 60 per sq m.

Certainly, web cam costs in bigger domestic structures are normally lower– the larger the net sellable location is the much better possibility a structure will have economies of scales.

Some predicaments for designers of condos is when a structure is established and placed to be within the high-end or high-end sector however the net location is rather little. Typical locations still require to be preserved to a high requirement and satisfy the owner’s high expectations.


Some designers might set a low web cam cost since they mean to utilize the low cost as a possible selling indicate bring in purchasers of systems in the job.

Co-owner committees might undervalue the running expense of the home, or wish to cut operating expense. Sadly, this incorrect method might put the home at danger in the longer term, and will ultimately show adversely on the structure and its total property worth.


To make sure a suitable web cam cost at the start, lots of designers engage a certified home management specialist who will assist establish the right operating structures and prepare the spending plans ahead of their sales project.

This allows them to discuss to their clients so that they can comprehend that there has actually been a level of idea based behind the web cam cost and what services are offered within the home.

Also, co-owner committees can take advantage of speaking to their provider or an excellent specialist to see if their existing web cam costs suffice or sensible and likewise talk about methods for moneying the operations of the home for the foreseeable future.

Certified home management experts can be determined by their past and present experience and recommendation within the marketplace that pertains to the home. Specialists that have a remarkable performance history in high-end property management might not always have the ability to deal with a mid- to low-end advancement well, and vice versa.

Dexter Norville is a director at home consulting company JLL. For more insight, readers can call him by e-mail: Dexter.Norville@ap.jll.com or check out www.jll.co.th


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