A view of the brand-new contemporary pedestrian bridge inaugurated in Pattaya on Thursday. The bridge is geared up with lifts to serve individuals on wheelchairs and the senior at the Sukhumvit-Pattaya Klang Crossway.

CHON BURI: It was tough to think of how the handicapped might utilize a pedestrian bridge up until one was finished in Pattaya just recently.

The first-ever hi-tech overpass makes this once-difficult job for the handicapped as simple as pushing buttons on a transparent elevator.

The 14.5-million-baht bridge, situated over the Sukhumvit-Pattaya Klang crossway in Chon Buri, formally opened on Thursday, with Transportation Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith commanding the event.

Each year, Pattaya draws in 85 million Thai and foreign travelers and “more than 100,000 handicapped individuals likewise check out the city every year”, Mr Arkhom stated.

Their numbers were big enough to trigger the requirement for centers for them, he stated.

Currently, wheelchair-bound individuals might just utilize lifts at some skytrain stations in Bangkok. Pedestrian bridges appear to be constructed just for those in excellent physical condition, however not the handicapped. Nevertheless, observers state the brand-new 42-metre-long overpass, constructed by the Rural Roadways Department, will guarantee that brief journeys made by the handicapped will be problem-free.

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