Mayor Poramet Ngampichet hosted the thank you celebration for members of the media where he likewise provided presents and rewards to press reporters.

Pattaya authorities thanked journalism for their commitment and effort throughout the years at a New Year’s celebration.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, city board members and bureaucrats went to the Jan. 31 celebration at the Hollywood Club with regional press reporters and editors.

The celebration was arranged to thank all of journalism for advertising news and info and drawing traveler interest in the city. It likewise intended to develop great relations in between Pattaya executives and the media.

Reporters delighted in a meal and won rewards in a fortunate draw. Among the raffle rewards were likewise some prize money contributed by the mayor, council members and magnate.

A Pattaya entrepreneur provides a reward to Nong Ong, a press reporter from Sophon Cable television.
Sub.Lt. Pramote Tubtim, Pattaya City Supervisor provides a reward to Jetsada Homklin a Pattaya Mail press reporter.
Home Entertainment at the Hollywood Club was quick and furious.

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