21 November 2019, Bangkok– The variety of ladies sent to prison worldwide has actually increased, while jails were constructed by males and for males.

Correction institutes, thus, have the duty to handle a jail to sufficiently and successfully react to the unique requirements of ladies. The execution of the Bangkok Rules is among the useful methods to assist solve the issues.

Considering That 2015, the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) as a designated company to drive the execution of the Bangkok Rules, have actually been carefully collaborating with worldwide professionals and professionals connected to the correction management to establish a training course for correction officers in Thailand and ASEAN area. The course intends to gear up capability and understanding of bringing the worldwide requirement to regional practice. There are 3-badges of correction officers ended up the course considering that its beginning in 2016.

This year, the TIJ arranges the fourth Bangkok Rules Training for Senior Correctional Officers from ASEAN in between 19-29 November in Bangkok. The course covers vital concerns suggested in the Bangkok Rules; the jail management of gender-specific requirements of ladies, admission, registration and allotment, health and health care, pregnant ladies and ladies with babies, security and security, pre-release treatments.

The course offers guests chances to on-site sees and observes the Chonburi Jail, the Pattaya Jail, your house of True Blessing Structure, and the Ayutthaya Jail, which are executing the Bangkok Rules. Additionally, they are going to take part in the procedure of making an action strategy to use the Bangkok Rules for each nation jail system almost.

” This training course intends to raise the capability of ASEAN correctional officers in securing the rights of ladies and handling the gender-specific requirements of ladies in jail. Our effective sign of the course can be seen when other correction institutes locally and worldwide send their officers to go to the course. And this August, we have actually made concrete development by signed the Memorandum of Comprehending with the Directorate General of Prisons (DGP) of Cambodia for “the Design Jail Task: A Pilot Task on the Application of the Bangkok Rules in Cambodia 2019-2020,” to carry out the Bangkok Rules in the CC2 jail, the biggest jail in Cambodia.” Prof. Dr. Kittipong Kittayarak, Executive Director of the TIJ, stated.

Ms. Chontit Cheunurah, Head of the Application of the Bangkok Rules and Treatment of Offenders Program of the TIJ, stated that “this training course is the most extensive course of the execution of the Bangkok Rules in jail management. It uses interactive and participatory activities for guests. With local particular case research studies, seminar, and on-site sees, the individuals would comprehend and thus, have the ability to style, strategy, and exercise how to successfully carry out the Bangkok Rules in their jails.”

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