Capt Matt Barker, marine attache at the United States embassy, throughout talks with Pattaya City authorities on Wednesday. (Picture: Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

CHON BURI: Approximately 2,000 United States soldiers are because of check out Pattaya for rest and leisure throughout the 2021 Cobra Gold international military workout in August.

Preparations for the check out were talked about on Wednesday by agents of the United States forces in Thailand and Pattaya City authorities.

Charles Butler, of the United States Force Security Detachment, and Capt Matt Barker, marine attache at the United States embassy, consulted with deputy mayor Ronnakij Ekasing and other authorities at Pattaya municipal government.

The talks concentrated on security and Covid-19 avoidance steps at the Bali Hai boat landing in South Pattaya.

Mr Ronnakij stated security at the Bali Hai landing would supplied by a number of companies. Security forces would patrol the location in 3 shifts: 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, and 11pm-7am.

Security would be increased by security video cameras in the location.

Covid-19 avoidance would be managed by public health authorities. By June, about 70% of individuals in Bang Lamung district and Pattaya City would have been immunized, he stated.

Capt Barker stated that throughout the 3rd stage of Cobra Gold in August, 1,000-2,000 United States soldiers would check out Pattaya for rest and leisure. The seaside resort city was widely known for its features, natural charm and scrumptious food, he stated.

By the time they land in Pattaya, all the soldiers would have gotten 2 dosages of Covid-19 vaccine, he stated.

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