Video sent out from the ‘Pattaya Beach’ area of the Tham Luang caves revealed all 12 young boys and their coach moving, and alert – their very first concern being ‘The length of time have we been here?’ (Image through Twitter/@thaiarmy100)

The 12 missing out on young boys and their football coach have actually been discovered in Tham Luang by a British cavern explorer – all alive and obviously safe.

A significant video stream from the Pattaya Beach location deep inside the cavern showed an English cavern explorer was the very first to reach the young boys.

The group, mainly seated and with saggy football t-shirts pulled over their knees, requested food and to leave the cavern instantly, according to the video, which was shared on the main Facebook page of the Royal Thai Navy Seals.

It revealed all 13 members of the group moving, alert and with concerns: “The length of time have we been here?” and “When will we go out?”

” Numerous, lots of people are coming,” stated the English rescuer. “We are the very first. Do not fret now.”

The remarkable video footage above was shared on the main Facebook page of the Seals, the label of the elite Royal Thai Navy Underwater Demolition Group (UDT).

It reveals the young boys in extra-large, mud-slicked football jerseys crowded together on a little mud cliff surrounded by water as rescuers lastly discovered them.

” Thank you!” among them states, while another yells “13” when asked by a British scuba diver the number of they are.

Among the British scuba divers who discovered the group responds just: “Fantastic!”

” Numerous, lots of people are coming … we are the very first”, a scuba diver informs them as he lights the group with a torch.

” You have actually been here for 10 days, you are really strong,” among the scuba divers informs the young boys.

A kid in the foreground appears to bow in thankfulness and states “thank you” as his voice fails.

Chiang Rai guv Narongsak Osotthanakorn stated they were discovered in the location near the so-called Pattaya Beach and rescuers were preparing late Monday night to get them out of the cavern.

However initially, “We will bring food to them and a physician who can dive. I am uncertain they can consume as they have actually not consumed for a while.”

Divers reached the group after increasing the size of a narrow, immersed passage that was too little for them to survive while using their air tanks.

Previously, a group of rescuers had actually utilized big pumps to lower the water level, and scuba divers had actually positioned guide ropes and air tanks along the path to reach the website of the caught young boys.

Another round of effort now starts to extract them from the flooded and confined cavern.

” When the medics have actually examined the kids to see if their health remains in excellent condition, we will look after them till they have sufficient strength to move on their own, and after that we will examine the circumstance on bringing them out once again later on,” Narongsak stated.

Anmar Mirza, a prominent American cavern rescue professional, stated numerous difficulties stay for the rescuers. He stated the main choice is whether to attempt to leave the young boys and their coach or to provide them in location.

” Providing them on website might deal with difficulties depending upon how challenging the dives are,” Mirza, planner of the United States National Cavern Rescue Commission, stated in an e-mail.

” Attempting to take non-divers through a cavern is among the most hazardous circumstances possible, even if the dives are fairly simple. That likewise begets the concern: If the dives are challenging then supply will be challenging, however the threat of attempting to dive them out is likewise tremendously higher.”

” Thai Navy seals have actually discovered all 13 with indications of life,” the guv informed press reporters. “We discovered all 13 safe … we will look after them till they can move.”

” Our very first objective is achieved. Now we are attempting to get them out,” the guv included.

Aisha Wiboonrungrueng, the mom of among the young boys, 11-year-old Chanin Wiboonrungrueng, smiled and hugged her household. She stated she would prepare her boy a Thai fried omelette, his preferred food, when he returns house.

Member of the family who had actually near the cavern entryway given that their young boys vanished chuckled, sobbed and hugged when they got news Monday night that the Wild Boar members had actually been found alive. (Image by Patipat Janthong)

Regardless of the mindful phrasing by Mr Narongsak, all early indicators were that the young boys and coach have actually endured their experience without significant physical issues.

The group have actually been caught in the collapse Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai, given that June 23.

This image listed below, revealed by some media on Monday as evidence the young boys were safe, was in fact supplied by among the young boys’ moms, and was handled a previous getaway into the Tham Luang caves by the Swine employee.

His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun had actually stated he was following occasions carefully, assisting to focus the attention of federal government authorities.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was informed about the discovery of the kids and coach, and wanted them “safe and rapid healing”, according to his deputy representative.

Maj Gen Werachon Sukondhapatipak stated late Monday that Gen Prayut stated: “All of us want the football group a safe and rapid healing.”

He made unique reference of the foreign groups associated with the 10-day look for the Chiang Rai children and their coach.

The image and Bangkok Post graphic listed below reveal the primary factors of help to the operation from abroad.

” Gen Prayut wants to thank the significant efforts of all worldwide systems that have actually pertained to help the Thai authorities in saving the youth football group that was stuck in the collapse Chiang Rai,” stated the representative.

The young boys and their coach went to the caverns by bike after football practice on Saturday, June 23. (Image through Facebook)

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